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         Established as the Second People's Hospital of Baoyi Group, it is a second-class first-class public general hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention, health care, rehabilitation and community health services. National Chest Pain Center, Shenzhen Stroke Center, Teaching Hospital of Higher Medical Colleges in Guangdong Province, Technical Cooperation Unit of The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University. Also carried out urology outside, general outside, brain outside, bone outside, gynecology, obstetrics, ent, stomatology and other surgical projects. Such as lobectomy; Radical cure and knot of breast cancer; Radical treatment of colorectal cancer; Craniocerebral surgery, aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation interventional embolization and craniotomy; Repair of heart perforation, lobectomy; Laparoscopic ovarian cyst excision and laparoscopic total hysterectomy; Arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery, through  Please refer to the interview notice for details of the time, place and method of the interview or the email, text message and phone call of the personnel Department organized by the college. The full score of the interview is 100 points. The proposed personnel who have been publicly announced without objection shall be notified by the College to register. Prospective candidates should report to the Personnel Department and relevant departments of the College within the prescribed time limit. Those who fail to register after the deadline without the permission of the college will be deemed to have given up automatically. The contract signed by the staff formally recruited in this recruitment is not included in the establishment of the college. The contract signed for the first time is one year. After the contract expires, the new staff can renew the contract only after passing the examination. The college conducts a two-month probationary visit to its recruits. The content of the investigation is the subject's ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability, work performance and so on. The college shall terminate the labor contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law if it is proved that the employment conditions are not met during the probation period.

       If there is any change in the mailing address, contact information and other information, please indicate in the body of the email. 2. Please indicate the body of the email: name, ID number, admission ticket number, total score of the written test of public subjects, registration code of the position, and indicate that "the content of the interview announcement has been known, and I will attend the interview on time". 3. Registration form for the examination (stick photos, truthfully and in detail fill in personal study and work experience, time must be continuous, and indicate whether each stage of learning on-the-job learning, what kind of educational background and degree have been obtained).    

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      Those who have obtained relevant academic qualifications recently and guarantee that they will obtain academic certificate, academic certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate and standardized training certificate for resident psychiatrists in psychiatric department at the end of the year of graduation (or issue a certificate of qualification) will be dismissed if they cannot obtain the certificate after the deadline. Personnel who have obtained intermediate or above professional title of mental health can verify professional title certificate, and there is no compulsory requirement for standardized training certificate of doctors. Other requirements: I have obtained academic certificate, degree certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate, and qualified certificate (or qualified certificate) for standardized training of resident psychiatrists in psychiatry. Personnel who have obtained intermediate or above professional title of mental health may verify professional title certificate, and there is no compulsory requirement for standardized training certificate for doctors. Those who report within days, do not obey the assignment or fail to report within the time limit will be disqualified for employment. The newly hired personnel shall be brought into the post management of public institutions, and the probationary period shall be one year. The relevant benefits shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state public institutions. After the probation period, the employing unit shall conduct a comprehensive assessment, go through relevant procedures according to the relevant provisions of the state if the assessment is qualified, and terminate the employment relationship according to the Regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions if the assessment is not qualified. The employee must sign a commitment letter to be mobile after five years of employment in The Gilly district. The nucleic acid test is negative within days, and the medical staff at the station will decide whether to enter the link after on-site study and judgment. Candidates in the corresponding links to obey the site management, according to the requirements to wear masks, pay attention to keep a distance, do a good job in prevention.  Outlets business (marketing), geared to the needs of domestic and foreign colleges and universities to recruit graduates, as a marketing service post reserves, in the first cabinet jobs such as training exercises after a period of time, considering work performance, personal qualities, and so on and so forth, employment or other business management office to business site related work in the marketing services. Graduates majoring in minor languages are an important talent reserve for the global operation of The Bank of China. After the recruitment, special training plans will be implemented and they will be sent to the corresponding overseas institutions to work according to the work needs and training conditions. After entering the bank, graduates majoring in minor languages will sign a labor contract and submit to the assignment arrangement agreement with the domestic branch of Bank of China according to my own will (especially excellent sign the labor contract and submit to the assignment arrangement agreement with the head office of Bank of China).  

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