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        It is reported that on the night of August 11 to 13, Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province, the south of Chengde city, the north of Tangshan, the north of Qinhuangdao, Langfang city, the north of Baoding City, Xiongan New District has heavy rain, local heavy rain, rainfall in some places can reach more than 200 mm; In other areas, there are moderate to heavy rains, local rainstorms, thunderstorms accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, short-term gale and other strong convective weather.    

      & other; After we landed, Ssanglong Airport Economic Zone not only actively supported us from the policy, but also arranged staff to serve for us one on one, and quickly helped the company to complete the relevant certificate processing. We are very grateful for the support and help of Ssanglong Airport Economic Zone for the necessary choice. Throughout the &; Song Chao, deputy general manager of Guizhou Youbixuan, said that with the strong support of The Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone, the company achieved sales of more than 200 million yuan in 2019. Song Chao believes that the artificial intelligence industry is still at the beginning of development, the industry talent gap is large, the industry chain is not perfect. Therefore, an inclusive and open development environment is extremely important for the development of ARTIFICIAL intelligence. The staff of Ssangyong Airport Economic Zone have a can-do and can-do spirit, and they are willing to explore together with us, which is very important for us. Throughout the &; In August and September, the supply of local government bonds and government bonds will peak. Jin Yi team of Sealand Securities believes that it is difficult to effectively relieve the pressure of long-term capital by open market operation alone. In the second quarter, the excess reserve rate declined significantly compared with the first quarter, and capital fluctuations increased. The possibility of hedging RRR cuts in September increased. The central bank continued to emphasize the importance of structural tools in the second quarter monetary policy implementation report, and the refinancing rate is also possible to cut. (after) Appropriate tilt reflects the focus of care, mainly to elderly retirees and retirees living in remote areas and other groups to take care of. For example, Beijing will increase the number of retirees between the ages of 65 and 69 by 45 yuan per month per person. An additional 55 yuan per month per person aged 70 to 74; An additional $65 per month per person aged 75 to 79; Each person over the age of 80 will receive an additional 75 yuan per month. On the one hand, retirees' pensions have been raised year by year; On the other hand, in recent years, we have implemented the policy of reducing social security fees. This year, we further introduced policies to exempt, reduce and slow the old-age insurance premiums of enterprises, resulting in a decrease in the income of the old-age insurance fund. This increase and decrease, let the pension payment become the focus of social concern. What to do this summer? Take a turn to Yuntai Mountain scenic spot! Yuntai Mountain electric Syllables, which lasted for two months, officially opened on July 17 in yuntai Mountain. Since its inception, the e-syllables have received extensive attention and participation from all walks of life in China. The hot topic on the Internet has reached 200 million times, dominating the hot spots in the whole Central Plains region! It is understood that the Yuntai Mountain electronic syllables colorful activities, surprises. Yuntai mountain scenic area in yuntai mountain shore town 30000 square meters of electric syllables, elaborate the scene not only have up to 30 meters cool mecha stage, the future soldier mecha laser show, the only existing huge fire burning man people, dream, fan interactive billboard lights camp, food is also equipped with a 120 - meter blocks and creative bazaar, fully meet the various needs of tourists in beer and skittles. Centralized management and rectification & LDquo; 3 without & throughout; The ship. We will resolutely investigate and punish shipyards that built and refit ships without going through the formalities of examination and approval. We will resolutely ban the use or abandonment of any vessel without its name, number, certificate or port of registry. 3 without & throughout; The ship; Resolutely remove ships that have not been brought under standard management; The establishment of ships engaged in illegal fishing; The blacklist & throughout; System. The registration certificate of self-use ships in towns and townships shall be cancelled if any illegal fishing-related behavior occurs, and the vessels shall be listed as fishing-related. 3 without & throughout; The ship handles it. All districts (cities and counties) shall implement a system of slice guarantee for daily supervision of shoreline and water surface in their respective areas of jurisdiction, and step up inspections to ensure that illegal fishing has no opportunity. Carry out inter-departmental and inter-regional law enforcement linkage, strengthen the law enforcement of fishery administration in waters closed to fishing, establish and improve the joint law enforcement mechanism, and carry out. China's fishery administration bristles with swords. Series of special law enforcement actions and & LDQUO; The Yangtze River is free from fishing and breaking chains. Special action, etc.

      The candidate cities of "The Happiest Cities in China 2020" are based on the organizing committee's ranking of the happiest Cities in China in previous years, the Report on China's Urban Competitiveness issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other institutions in previous years, and the achievements of "the top 100 Counties, cities (districts) with Comprehensive Strength in 2019". Finally selected hangzhou, chengdu, guangzhou, ningbo, wenzhou, fuzhou, shenzhen, changsha, nanjing, suzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, xuzhou, hefei, jinan, foshan, tongchuan, zhengzhou, tianjin, shenyang and other 100 ground level (or above) cities and huangpu district of guangzhou, taicang city, jiangsu province, hunan xingsha, kunshan city, jiangsu province, located in nanhai district, foshan, guangzhou tianhe district, guangzhou nansha district, hangzhou yuhang district in yinzhou district, ningbo, zhoushan, ningbo zhenhai, wenzhou lucheng, putuo district, futian district of shenzhen, chengdu salween district, foshan, shunde district, Qingdao huangdao district, jiangsu province pizhou, ordos kangbashi district, chengdu shuangliu area, wenzhou ouhai district etc 100 county-level cities (districts).   At the construction site of the project, Liu Tao carefully listened to the relevant report of the project leader, and understood in detail the planning and design of the project, the scale of investment, the progress, and the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of the project promotion. He stressed that the enterprise should thoroughly implement the new development concept, firmly grasp the direction of high-quality development, keep a close eye on the target to catch up with the schedule, according to the requirements of the project time node, reverse the construction period, wall chart battle, on the premise of ensuring quality and safety, accelerate the construction of the project. Research, liu tao pointed out that the major projects, implement the "six stability", implementing "six protect" important gripper, various departments at all levels should firmly establish the concept of "project is king", insisting that grasp investment projects as a key way to promote the development of economy, high quality, provide advanced services for project construction, enterprise development, active service, high quality service, create a good external environment. Each related to deep a line head of the unit, the top command, the first time to follow up, control project construction of dynamic and difficult problem, strengthen overall coordination, timely solve the practical difficulties encountered in project construction, clear the way for the project construction, with efforts to build a good work style to ensure project quality, to ensure that construction projects completed early, early operation and early work. A shangluo fire rescue worker receives help from a villager on his way back from a rescue operation in Luonan County, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Aug. 8, 2018. Halfway up the mountain in the village, a nine-month pregnant woman was due to give birth. The village's roads were washed away by floods and its communication facilities were damaged, making it impossible to get in touch with the outside world. Firefighters decided to evacuate the pregnant woman immediately. Rough roads in the mountains and trees swept down by the floods make it difficult for pregnant women to move. After more than an hour, with the help of the firemen, the pregnant woman finally walked down the hill. Because the 202 provincial road was broken by floods, rescue workers to pregnant women to do protective measures, many people relay support, arrived at the relatively flat river.

       Since its deployment to Lebanon at the end of May last year, China's 18th peacekeeping force in Lebanon has cleared a total of four operational, one suspected and one humanitarian minefields, and found and destroyed 1,577 mines, with a total area of 10,427 square meters. This is the first time that Chinese demining officers and soldiers have cleared 10,000 square meters of demining grounds in a single batch since China started sending peacekeeping troops to Lebanon in 2006. A poll to select the "happiest City in China 2020" has been launched in Beijing. Under the theme of "People's City, Happiness and Prosperity", the event will investigate the happiness of Chinese cities and promote the vivid practice of happy cities with the focus on fine urban governance, people's joint contribution and sharing, and efforts to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Oriental Outlook Magazine, which is affiliated with Outlook Weekly, and Outlook Think tank jointly sponsored the "China's happiest Cities" survey, which has been held for 13 consecutive years, has selected more than 70 happy cities, and about 1 billion people have participated in the survey, making the concept of "urban happiness" deeply rooted in people's hearts.  Accompanied by Zhang Leqing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of the hospital, the observation group of the Municipal Health Commission listened to the work report of Zheng Haijun, project leader and director of the first District of cardiovascular Medicine of the Municipal People's Hospital, visited relevant facilities and equipment, and asked the staff about their concerns in detail. Finally, the observation group affirmed the construction of the regional medical center for cardiovascular diseases in The city and scored it. The relevant person in charge of the municipal people's hospital, said in the future, in the courtyard party committee under the strong support and promote, will continue to introduce talents and professional management team, against national standard stresses the construction, control its status to find the gap, control regional development seek breakthrough, practical, have the courage to bear, with first-class standard construction good cardiovascular disease regional medical center, we will further improve the medical service system in our city.

          "Plateau summer vegetables now do not worry about the market. Every summer, everyone is so busy." Since May, orders have been particularly high from Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangxi and Guangdong, said Tan Yingyong, head of Gansu Kangyuan Modern Agriculture Co. At this fair, the company signed another 200 million yuan order. Li Wangze, head of the Agriculture and rural affairs department of Gansu province, said that gansu produces high-quality agricultural products thanks to its diverse climate types, sufficient sunlight and large temperature differences between day and night. In recent years, Gansu has made great efforts to develop the cold and drought industries along the Silk Road, and the plateau summer vegetables, economic forest fruits and potato industries have developed rapidly, laying a solid industrial foundation for the masses to stabilize poverty alleviation. Affected by the epidemic, many provinces, including Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hubei and Inner Mongolia, have issued notices since March this year, implementing a 2.5-day flexible leave system to promote consumption. For the development of the tourism market, this is undoubtedly a good news. & other; If this system can be truly implemented, it will promote peripheral tourism and short - distance tourism Alai said that he looked for ways to express his hometown, using stupid methods. Climb one mountain after another. . The film team followed Alai to climb the 4,400-meter high peak, overlooking the Four Girls Mountain Yao Nv peak. At the time he was preparing to write a novel, "The Plant Hunter", and Alai himself could be called. The plant hunter. . As soon as Jia Pingwa arrived at Qingfeng Street, a stall owner took his hand and invited him to his home for tea. The original stall owner called Li Baishan, is the "Qinqiang" on the prototype of good accounting. The novel "happy" hero liu Happy prototype Liu Shuzheng jia Pingwa primary school and middle school students, he now simply call himself. Liu happy & throughout; He also published a book, "Me and Pingwa". In the fifth episode, Liu Zhenyun arrives at Laozhuang, Yanjin, Henan Province. Walking along the street, he kept greeting the villagers. Among these faces are six fingers, blind deer, bad uncle, pig egg & Hellip from novels such as "Living together in Hometown", "Yellow Flowers under heaven in Hometown" and "One Sentence top ten thousand Sentences". & hellip; In episodes six and seven, Mo returns to northeast Gaomi township, revisiting the land that gave birth to his fictional characters, including Little Black Child, Yu Zhan 'ao, my grandmother Jiu 'er, and mother Shangguan Lu. Most of these characters have archetypes, and some, like Wang Wenyi in Red Sorghum, even retain their original names.

      It is reported that through the joint action of relevant departments, the Internet black production has been effectively cleaned up. By the end of 2019, the number of malicious programs used in homepage hijacking dropped by more than 75% from 65 to 16 per month. In the "Net 2019" campaign, the public security authorities shut down more than 210 black production companies, destroyed or shut down more than 40 platforms that traded SMS verification codes and helped to register malicious accounts, and arrested more than 14,000 suspects. The report noted that despite the initial success in cracking down on cyber hacking, cyber hacking activities are becoming increasingly professional and covert, and increasingly automated. In online fraud crimes such as "pig-killing dish", criminals buy and sell accurate personal information so as to understand the hobbies and characteristics of the target population. Through malicious registration of social accounts, and then "raise", with a complete social information, very confusing; Automatic tools for black production are also emerging, and the threshold for black production is gradually lowered.   See the cigarette butts on the ground quickly pick up, rail dust with a rag wipe wipe, the roadside weeds grow out one by one...... On the afternoon of August 6, a group of children wearing red caps and red vests were busy in jinxiang Garden community, Wangchu Street, Liberated area. They are "red scarf" volunteers of Fengzeyuan Primary School. At present, the city's "four cities joint innovation" work is in full swing. In order to help the "sun Create" work, the "Red Scarf" volunteers of Fengzeyuan Primary School once again carry out volunteer service and add luster to our city through their civilized behavior. On the same day, the school's "Red scarf" volunteers, their parents and 40 groups of families came to jinxiang Garden community with their big hands in their hands. Armed with dusters, buckets, brooms, and trash bags, they weeded, picked up trash, and cleaned the corridors around the neighborhood, as arranged by community workers. Although the sky is drizzling, but it does not affect the enthusiasm of the children to participate in the "four creative", they see the garbage to clean up, see pedestrians litter cigarette butts go up to dissuade. Through one hour's effort, the surrounding environmental sanitation has been significantly improved. Due to the slow writing speed, it was difficult for Yao junpeng to finish his composition. His Chinese scores were mostly in the 70s and 80s, which made him the weakest subject. Before this year's college entrance exam, yao submitted a delayed application to the education examination department with the help of the school, and was soon approved, with 30 percent more time for each subject. Yao junpeng finished his Chinese test paper for the first time in the college entrance examination. & have spent With 623 points, yao Junpeng has sweat a lot. Although he has physical obstacles, with the support of his parents and teachers, Yao Junpeng has realized a broader life possibility with unremitting efforts and self-discipline different from ordinary people. The illness has affected Yao Junpeng's language expression, but the big boy's heart is not closed, he writes the longing and thoughts in his heart. Red Sorghum, Ordinary World, White Deer Plain, Wives and Concubines and other novels are well known not only for their own works, but also through the adaptation of films and plays. Besides film adaptation, what are the other ways of presenting the interaction between literature and image? How to in

          Red Sorghum, Ordinary World, White Deer Plain, Wives and Concubines and other novels are well known not only for their own works, but also through the adaptation of films and plays. Besides film adaptation, what are the other ways of presenting the interaction between literature and image? How to in  

         On August 10th, qinghua - Guizhou Big data Postgraduate Practice Education Base co-sponsored by Guiyang High-tech Zone organization, Human Resources Department and District Bureau of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Dream weavers & have spent Sailing & throughout; Big data enterprise tutor exchange meeting was held in Guiyang High-tech Zone. Guizhou Province Big Data Bureau, Six teachers from Tsinghua University, 21 enterprise mentors from Guiyang High-tech Zone, etc., attended the meeting and exchanged views on the development of the base and talent cultivation of the base. Qingha-guizhou Big Data Postgraduate Practice Education Base aims to explore the innovation mode of joint cultivation of high-level engineering talents by the government, universities and enterprises. It is an important carrier to create collaborative innovation, innovative resources and elements for the sustainable development of big data industry in Guizhou province, and provides talent support and intellectual guarantee. Under the guidance of Big Data Development Administration of Guizhou Province, 30 full-time postgraduates of the first batch of big-data-related disciplines have settled in the base for study and practice since the base was officially opened on February 25, 2019. The second batch of 30 full-time postgraduates has also arrived at the base one after another. Remarkable achievements have been made in the collaborative innovation of the industry, the university and the research institute, attracting and retaining talents, etc., giving full play to the demonstration and driving role of important carriers of the base.