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         Wang Yongjian said, deep investment control based on shenzhen urban development strategy, focus on science and technology innovation and industry, to build "science and technology, finance, science and technology park, science and technology industry" three big industry cluster, formed by the science and technology financial as the "sunshine", "soil" for science and technology park, with science and technology industry as the "seeds and young plants and trees" the full life cycle of industrial ecological system, support the development of the shenzhen high-tech industry. In terms of improving the multi-functional financial service system, Shenzhen Investment And Control Has been constantly optimizing the stock and expanding the increment. The company to Guoxin Securities, High-tech investment, guarantee group to increase capital, improve the comprehensive strength, to build it into a leading enterprise in the industry. Shenzhen Angel Fund management and operation scale of 10 billion yuan, in supporting the innovation and entrepreneurship of Small, medium and micro enterprises in Shenzhen has played an important role. "You can learn some useful new dishes and make lots of friends. It's great fun." Mr Zhang, who is only 13, speaks with great tact. "I don't think learning to cook is the end goal of the event. The real goal is for people to enjoy the process of learning to cook and making friends." 

      Each club in the group health center located in "grassroots", medical institutions aimed at "benchmarking", area medical group as the connection of "grassroots" and "benchmarking" "rainbow", scientific planning and layout of regional health resources allocation, guide the public hospital actively sinking resources and social health center collaboration mechanism, build the international first-class integrated high quality medical service system, efforts to achieve, government employee satisfaction, residents achieve satisfaction. To realize the intensive management of the community health center. Based on the medical group model, the district medical Group headquarters implements intensive and unified management of human, financial and material resources for the social health center formerly managed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology Union Shenzhen Hospital, Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone Hospital, Hospital of South University of Science and Technology, and District Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Hospital. After the integration, the social health Center of the group developed steadily and rapidly, and its service person-time and business income increased significantly year-on-year.     It is reported that there are not only many snakes in Shenzhen, but also many kinds of poisonous snakes. Bamboo leaf green is the most common poisonous snake in Shenzhen. The golden ring snake, silver ring snake, five-step snake, cobra and even king cobra are all found in Shenzhen.

      The official said that the government forces on The 9th in The warab state of Tongji during the operation to seize illegal guns, an illegal gun and trying to escape the young man. The two sides clashed, eventually setting off a firefight between gunmen and government forces. The clashes resulted in the death of 34 soldiers and 84 civilians and the wounding of several others. The death toll is likely to rise because of limited local medical conditions.    According to the 2018 Gender Statistics report of Shenzhen, by the end of 2018, the permanent resident population of Shenzhen was 13.026,600, of which 5.949 million were women, accounting for 45.7%. There were 2.031,200 children, accounting for 15.6 percent. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and government have always attached great importance to the cause of women and children, constantly increasing policy protection and financial input, and has realized free screening of "two cancers" for women of the permanent resident age. By the end of July this year, 845 mother-and-child rooms in public places had been set up, and the number will exceed 1,000 by the end of 2020. Women and children have more equal access to education, compulsory education is provided without distinction of gender or household registration, services are provided to the whole population, and the sex ratio of students in ordinary institutions of higher learning is basically balanced. Women enjoy better social security. By 2019, 5.247,900 women will be covered by maternity insurance, which has improved their quality of life. Huawei is ecological 

      At the same time, guangdong street also held a boutique characteristic community creation report defense training. Communities around the "systematic and quality, the characteristic" create demand, combined with the epidemic prevention and control, the party lead the community governance reform, big stage "small community" case selection such as the key work report created the situation, the leaders, experts, scholars, questions and comments on the site, helping communities to summarize experience, refining, and in the process of interaction between defense secretary for communities decide questions and ideas. Quality characteristics of the community to create work since 2019, guangdong street community party construction as the lead, guided by the demands of the people's livelihood, to build the work for the gripper, actively play a role of central party committee, fully mobilize multivariate main body strength, promote management refinement, service, accuracy, and the preliminary implementation work sharing of community governance. For example, Houhai community set up a self-regulatory alliance of merchants to make the pet street "clean and refreshing"; The community of Shenzhen University makes full use of the 3C linkage platform between society, school and enterprise to strengthen resource sharing and diversified integration. The "Enterprise trade Union Alliance" was established in Maling community with the help of party construction to promote two-way service and mutual assistance between the community and enterprises for win-win results. Nanyou community excavates and inherits the spirit of "frontier cattle" and promotes "frontier cattle" veteran party members to participate in community governance services; The science and technology park community has established the Park co-governance Alliance, which has effectively maintained fair competition Around the summit "nurture new machine to open the new bureau of intellectual innovation in the future", the theme of the interior from countries well-known experts and scholars, business, academia, and jurisdiction, headquarters of the world's top 500 enterprises, private enterprises and industry association, the representative of the government function department together, launched a "four new" as keywords of brainstorming, futian district high quality development for the new era. This meeting is following the 2020 "new policy space service" cloud after introduction of the assembly, futian district to build "four new" economy development the important measures for new advantages, favorable extension "four new" industrial chain to form agglomeration effect, accelerate to attract more international projects, talent, capital and other elements to fukuda "roots", for "double" area "fukuda power" and the corporation construction.  Reported that "the rainbow dream bag - power scholarly community" project not only in the community parent-child reading activity, and 40 hardcover full of picture books and children's books "dream bag" free lending for community residents, the current "dream bag" to place in the city streets orange pond community xintang service V standing between the party and the masses, become the jurisdiction of another benefiting the people and for the convenience of service content. Sheckhard community service center between innovation will "protect seedlings action" and the combination of safety education, has carried out the "protection of seedlings action" - children's manual safety production, "to protect the seedlings action" -- children safe, fun activities such as education, by hand, fun activities, watch the safety education methods such as film, recreation, increase the safety awareness of community youth. At the same time, sheckhard community for epidemic period, part of the community youth long time contact with electronic products and the Internet, the Internet information recognition degree is low, the organization carries out the "protection of seedlings action" - youth network security law lectures, "to protect the seedlings action" - teenagers network security knowledge contests and other activities, explaining to the network security and related legal knowledge to convey to the community youth, education for doing "small Internet civilization".

      Putin, according to Russia's President site 11 on the day of the presidential palace with a number of government officials in Moscow oblast video meeting, said the vaccine by "add mallea" epidemic and microbiology national research center (hereinafter referred to as "add mallea" center) with adenovirus as a carrier to develop and become, the vaccine has passed the necessary testing, it can be fully effective play function, stable generate antibodies ". Putin said one of his daughters took part in the vaccine trial and was injected twice. "Her temperature rose to 38 degrees Celsius after the first injection and dropped to more than 37 degrees the next day, nothing more. After the second injection, her body temperature returned to normal after a slight rise and she felt fine, with high levels of antibodies. Many of the subjects had normal body temperatures after receiving the vaccine." Ma huateng, who wanted to be a scientist since he was a child, also regards innovation and change as an indispensable element of Tencent's growth. During the structural adjustment in 2018, Tencent set up a special technical committee to strengthen basic RESEARCH and development and make technology the driving force and support for the company's business development and product innovation. In March, Tencent had 66 percent of its research and development staff, one of the highest among China's tech companies. Furthering the "finance + science and technology" is an important strategy of Ping An. By the end of 2019, Ping An had nearly 110,000 employees engaged in science and technology business, 35,000 r&d personnel and 2,600 scientists. Ping An Technology patent applications totaled 21,383; The number of published patent applications in fintech and digital medical technology ranks first and second respectively in the world. A native of Sha Tin, Mr Kwan has invested in the area since the 1990s. In this gao Xin north area land reconditioning work, the factory building area of Mr. Guan is larger, it is a large family.  "When the base station is normally turned on, the power consumption of the base station in the middle of the night is not much reduced compared with the peak period, but most of the energy consumption is' inefficient energy consumption '. "Putting no-load AAU devices into deep hibernation is a trend in fine-tuning network management." The practice has little impact on users, but can significantly reduce operators' electricity and other maintenance costs, said Fu Liang, a telecom industry analyst. Meanwhile, telecom equipment companies such as Huawei and ZTE have been providing solutions for the three operators, striving to reduce power consumption in 5G base station equipment. Operators are also evolving from artificial energy saving to intelligent energy saving, developing ways to reduce energy consumption including deep dormancy and symbolic shut-off. Previously, Huawei's PowerStar energy saving solution can achieve 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G multi-frequency network collaborative scheduling through AI and other technologies to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Jiangsu Telecom and ZTE jointly pilot 5G energy-saving technology of symbolic turn-off, deep dormancy and symbolic turn-off superposition deep dormancy.

      Wu Sikang, secretary of the Party Committee and director of Shenzhen Government Development Research Center, gave a keynote speech on "Giving full play to Strategic Advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Building an International Innovation Center", and analyzed how Futian District made use of "new infrastructure, new consumption, new manufacturing and new technology" to build an international innovation center. China merchants bank shenzhen branch President YueYing, wumart technology group co., LTD. General manager don sun, shenzhen city building decoration (group) co., LTD., chairman of Wu Fugui, program-controlled stock group co., LTD., chairman of Peng Guoyuan four futian district federation of industry and commerce member companies such as representatives in the form of the round table dialogue, and the general representative of private enterprise further build consensus, said it would focus more focused futian district "four new" development, actively participate in futian district strategic project pioneer, contributing to a large bay area of guangdong and shenzhen first demonstration area construction fukuda, fukuda practice wisdom.     Lu Xun once said: "Since ancient times, there have been people who bury their heads in hard work, people who work hard, people who plead for the people, people who sacrifice their lives for the law... This is the backbone of China." On its journey, great China earth is such, they are a lifetime deep Zhang Fuqing fame, don't change his mind, they are the youth and life to the cause of poverty wen-xiu huang, they are winning the World Cup champion of the Chinese women's volleyball team with 11 straight wins, they are white of board, the retrograde for disease resistance fighters, they are sweat soaked clothes, yong war danger of flood warrior... "The anti-japanese spirit forged by the Chinese people in blood and fire has never gone far." Luo Cunkang, director of the Memorial Hall of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, said: 'After decades of development, we have achieved the nirvana of the Phoenix. The spirit of resistance against Japanese aggression has become a powerful force for national rejuvenation. It has inspired us to unite as one, never fear storms, remember our mission and forge ahead couragingly in the new era.'

       ) Data from research institutions show that since June, the average land transaction price has declined continuously, and the land supply scale of the country fell in July, with a month-on-month drop of nearly 20%. Experts believe that the regulatory policy upgrading, a number of hot city land market cooling, land market heat is expected to continue to decline in August. "To stabilize the real estate market, shenzhen, Nanjing, Ningbo, Dongguan and other cities tightened their regulation policies in July, taking power from the supply end and reducing the amount of high-quality land coming to the market. In July, the land market heat fell, the land market volume and price retracted, and the premium rate declined compared with that in June. "Said Mari Li, director of market research at Crewe Research. Enter August, land market heat continues to drop. Data from Shell Research Institute show that from August to now, the supply of high-quality land in hot cities has decreased, and the average premium rate of land has been adjusted back. Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other first-tier cities to sell land mostly for the bottom price transaction, the premium rate continued to decline. At the same time, hot second-tier cities rarely high premium land transactions. A few third - and fourth-tier cities have ultra-high premium rate of land transactions, but it is difficult to reverse the trend of cooling. A "symbolic shutdown" is like a one-way four-lane highway, where each lane is manned but three lanes are closed at night, leaving only one lane. Relatively deep dormancy, "symbol off" is less power-saving, but it can ensure that users are connected to the 5G network at any time. The measured results show that the symbolic shutdown can achieve a consumption reduction of more than 20% and the average consumption reduction of more than 60% during deep dormancy. The deep dormancy reduction of 5G phase 2 main AAU is as high as 80%, and the all-day consumption reduction of more than 30% can be achieved after the symbolic shutdown superposition deep dormancy, and the network performance remains stable during the energy saving period. Recently, the song of Fukuda government service window was spread on Tencent video, and the number of clicks was constantly pushed up. Liu Minan composes lyrics and music. Liu Minan is a veteran of government affairs window. He is also a music lover in his life, including composing lyrics and music, saxophone playing, etc., all of which have reached a professional level. It is a creative wish of Liu Min 'an to reflect the spirit of window staff serving people's livelihood with a window song, and it is also a interpretation of years of service experience. In recent years, Fukuda government window has launched a lack of services to get on the car, government and bank cooperation through train, second batch service palm office. In November 2019, Futian District won the "2019 (the first) National Digital Government Characteristics selection top 50 Innovation Cases" -- Government service Innovation Award. In April 2019, Futian District Government Service Center was awarded the "2019 Pearl River Delta Business Environment Top 10 Government Organizations". 

         "Rice farming is now mechanized, so the work is easier than it used to be." Relying on heavy machinery, Mr. Zhang, 58 years old, has a 352-mu paddy field at His Beidahuang Farmland Reclamation Group Co. 's Qixing farm. He expects to produce 200 tons of rice this year. This year, all parts of the country will vigorously promote online cultivation, socialized services, intelligent equipment and green technology, effectively respond to the epidemic, give full play to the role of agricultural machinery as a major force in agricultural production, and the operation level of agricultural machinery has reached a record high. Statistics show that during spring plowing and sowing, more than 22 million sets of agricultural machinery and tools were put into production, more than 70,000 agricultural machinery cooperatives cultivated nearby crops instead of planting, and more than 200,000 agricultural service organizations provided production management services. Among them, the bonded area to deep hui inter-city sea before you south section (including dapeng branch), shenzhen airport to shenzhen airport to daya bay inter-city ping mountain section, guangzhou guan deep inter-city south extension line, tangxia to longgang inter-city, changping to longhua inter-city 5 inter-city routes such as connect with large bay area cities in shenzhen, the total mileage of 343 kilometers, with a total investment of 182.9 billion yuan. Among the five great Bay Area intercity railways connecting Shenzhen, the section from Shenzhen Airport to Daya Bay Intercity Shenzhen Airport to Pingshan, and the South extension line of Suiguan-Shenzen intercity goes through Baoan. It is reported that the section from Shenzhen Airport to Daya Bay Intercity Shenzhen Airport to Pingshan Is 70 kilometers from Shenzhen Airport to Shenzhen Pingshan Station via Longhua Station. Suiguan Shenzhen-Shenzhen Intercity South Extension connects suiguan, Guan and Shenzhen existing intercity railway, starting from Shenzhen Airport station, passing through Futian Station and arriving at Huanggang Port, with a total length of 35 kilometers. After completion, guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen will be connected.