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      At the same time, guangdong street also held a boutique characteristic community creation report defense training. Communities around the "systematic and quality, the characteristic" create demand, combined with the epidemic prevention and control, the party lead the community governance reform, big stage "small community" case selection such as the key work report created the situation, the leaders, experts, scholars, questions and comments on the site, helping communities to summarize experience, refining, and in the process of interaction between defense secretary for communities decide questions and ideas. Quality characteristics of the community to create work since 2019, guangdong street community party construction as the lead, guided by the demands of the people's livelihood, to build the work for the gripper, actively play a role of central party committee, fully mobilize multivariate main body strength, promote management refinement, service, accuracy, and the preliminary implementation work sharing of community governance. For example, Houhai community set up a self-regulatory alliance of merchants to make the pet street "clean and refreshing"; The community of Shenzhen University makes full use of the 3C linkage platform between society, school and enterprise to strengthen resource sharing and diversified integration. The "Enterprise trade Union Alliance" was established in Maling community with the help of party construction to promote two-way service and mutual assistance between the community and enterprises for win-win results. Nanyou community excavates and inherits the spirit of "frontier cattle" and promotes "frontier cattle" veteran party members to participate in community governance services; The science and technology park community has established the Park co-governance Alliance, which has effectively maintained fair competition It is a cultural palace with both natural beauty and high art. Moving from a small fishing village to a big city, the cultural roots of Shenzhen are accumulating. Where can we find the cultural roots of Shenzhen in the past 40 years? In shenzhen special economic zone set up 40 anniversary, recently, shenzhen art museum "window - shenzhen art museum building, management and collection of research, in the early exhibition, through displaying art and rich old photos, letters, books and so on literature material, reviewed the 40 years of shenzhen arts pioneer, at the same time, study the history of art market since China's reform and opening up, providing enlightenment for the future. The exhibition will be open to the public free of charge until 31 August.  Nanshan District Committee and District government attaches great importance to the building of modern, intelligent and high-level medical groups, and promotes the construction of medical groups at a high level. It lists the construction of medical groups as the no.1 major reform project, grasps the reform bottleneck, and makes innovation in the system and mechanism. The implementation plan of Nanshan Medical Group was issued as the blueprint of the reform. It initiated the "1+C+N" medical group integration model. "1" is the headquarters of Nanshan Medical Group, which was established by the Nanshan District Committee and government as a unit at the highest administrative management level of the district public institution. "C" is a member unit of the group, and the district belongs to various public medical and health institutions, including Huazhong University of Science and Technology Union Shenzhen Hospital, Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone Hospital, South University of Science and Technology Hospital, District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and District Hospital for chronic Disease prevention and Control. "N" refers to other medical and health institutions in the area, including high-level hospitals such as Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shenzhen University General Hospital and social medical institutions. Although the track is different, Ping An, Huawei and Tencent have been continuously making technological innovation and expanding the concept of ecological circle, making them the leaders in their respective industries. They have been given a new name -- HAT (for related reports, see "Shenzhen Shines the" Innovative HAT "on the 1st edition of Shenzhen Business Daily on August 10). The growth of HAT "Sanjie" is a result of Shenzhen's insistence on innovation-driven development, and also a representative of The transformation of Chinese enterprises from big to strong. Ping An was listed in the Fortune global 500 for the first time in 2008, when a total of 27 Chinese mainland enterprises were listed. Ping An was the first non-state-owned enterprise in mainland China to be included in the list. Ping An's ranking is an epitome of the rise of China's non-state-owned enterprises. Ma Mingzhe, chairman and CEO of Ping An Group, said at that time that the 20 years of Ping An has been full of thorns and challenges, and ping An should make steady progress towards the strategic goal of leading international comprehensive financial group in the future.

      It's worth noting that for Burger King, this is the second major food safety incident in a month after it was exposed on The March 15 gala of CCTV on July 16. Ironically, McDonald's, which announced in late June that it would use paper straws on its food packages, a move that drew a lot of goodwill from consumers and environmentalists, found PFAS in its food packages. The report details the detection process, which involves collecting fast food packaging for burgers, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, biscuits, French fries or other Fried items from the three largest HAMBURGER chains in the United States, and testing collected product samples for perfluorooctane sulfuric acid or perfluorooctane and polyfluoroalkyl substances to screen for the presence of PFAS.  For people with Yin deficiency, Yin deficiency is a dry and hot constitution, which is manifested as fever in hands and feet and heart, sweaty palms and a love of drinking water, often dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, irritability and poor sleep, and ginger temperature. For people with Yin deficiency, eating ginger will aggravate Yin deficiency. The relevant person in charge of agriculture NongCunBu said that current, each district is organization submersion in agricultural machinery spare no efforts in disaster relief, at the same time to carry out early rush in the harvest, late rice rob, autumn grain field management, such as production, promoting application of animal husbandry, aquaculture and agricultural mechanization of pretreating and other new technology and new equipment, to firmly seize the annual grain harvest, pays special attention to the livestock like pigs and other major agricultural products and stable yield for mechanized provide strong support.  

      A beautiful handwriting of the last letter, written a mother's tenderness and righteousness. "Mother has come to the eve of her sacrifice today because of her resolute struggle against Japanese aggression... My dearest child, my mother taught you by practice, rather than by words." Zhao, 31, died after writing the letter. A rubbing from the title of a military student in Southwest United University records the young students' ambition to tie their fate to the rise and fall of the country. In the eight-year history of southwest Associated University, 14 out of every 100 students rushed to the Anti-Japanese War. The 834 military students recorded in the rubbings are just a silhouette of the young people who are willing to go to the national disaster together. The Second Saturday of June is cultural and Natural Heritage Day. June 13, 2020 is the fourth "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" in China. The themed activity "Online Live Broadcast" attracted 3,617,800 viewers and participants. Shenzhen residents had a close contact with the traditional intangible cultural heritage. Shenzhen's increasingly rich intangible cultural heritage resources are widely known and loved by people. Seven state-level intangible items include: lantern dance (sha tau kok fish lantern dance), lion dances (matsuoka dipper lion dances), kirin dance (sakaguchi yong-sheng tian hall unicorn dance), kirin dance (ship pit unicorn dance), (xiasha) for ancestor worship, ancestor worship custom palasy therapy (flat music kwok bonesetting method), Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment method (called creutzfeldt-jakob point therapy). The three national non-inheritor are: Wu Guanqiu, representative inheritor of the fish lantern Dance in Sand Tau Kok, Yan Sen, representative inheritor of the Lion Dance in Songgang, and Chen Rongzhong, representative inheritor of Jia's acupoint therapy. Renowned experts and scholars from China's internal affairs, business and academic circles, together with representatives from the world's top 500 enterprises, headquarters, private enterprises, industry and business associations and government functional departments, launched a brainstorm with "Four xin" as the key word, offering Suggestions for the high-quality development of Futian District in the new era. Zheng Hongbo, secretary of the District Party Committee who attended the meeting, said that enterprises have always played an important role in the development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Fukuda will earnestly implement all deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, and continue to carry forward the good tradition of "serving enterprises", take the initiative and make lasting contributions. First, we need to do a good job in providing services, build a pro-Qing relationship between government and business, understand what entrepreneurs think and feel trapped in, and set an example in providing quality services. Second, we will increase support, resolutely implement the relevant rescue policies of the central, provincial and municipal governments, continue to implement a series of policies that benefit enterprises, including those that benefit them, and accelerate the study and introduction of more effective measures in terms of rents, taxes and financing, so as to further stimulate the vitality of market entities in areas under our jurisdiction. Third, we will improve the environment. We will continue to respond to every request and let everything be done without interference. We will intensify reform of the business environment, create a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment, and create a strong atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurs to work and start their own businesses. Leaders of Futian District Huang Wei, Liu Junlin, Shu Yumin and Ye Wenge attended the meeting. The development of this activity not only played an exemplary role of party members and cadres take the lead, also produced a good social effect, in the process of surrounding residents, business education guidance, already completed a comprehensive improve sanitation, preparing for a national consciousness formation of sanitation, to create civilized city, drive more people to participate in a national campaign to clean. The party volunteer, resident volunteer and female volunteer publicity group are divided into 6 groups to walk into the shops and markets of the district in turn, and distribute garbage classification, civilized dog raising, civic civilization manual and other publicity materials to the residents, so that the idea of striving to be a civilized man and building a civilized city can enter the mind and heart. This activity will do its best to improve the city's appearance, create a new look for the community environment, and build a civilized city.  

       It is understood that during the whole August, with experience of shenzhen jewelry fashion glamour, joy shopping as the main line, the water of the bay area 11 big surprise at the venue will continue to detonate a spending spree, shopping, including chow tai fook, happy week, Saturday, old phoenix, 6 f, extraction joaquin shop, king tai food and store, so many famous brand jewelry, jewelry brand, will be rolled out preferential promotional activities, make citizen first glimpse "shenzhen jewelry" at the same time, also can enjoy to buy buy buy. "Happy Jewelry Shopping" will focus on the strength of all dominant jewelry brands in Shenzhen, and provide shenzhen citizens with relaxed and pleasant gold jewelry shopping scenes and experiences through cross-border cooperation and industry linkage. At the same time, to enhance the quality of citizen consumption and promote consumption quality, and the expansion, the promotion of brand of shenzhen, shenzhen features, for the purpose of PengCheng joy to swim in August to buy series of activities will continue digging citizen consumption potential, reveal urban economic vitality, promote consumption, market and industry TongPinGongZhen, contribute more to open economy circulation "power" in shenzhen.    

      Commissioner of grassroots health commission of guangdong province patnode present, shenzhen Luo Lexuan, director of the health committee, deputy director of the system reform and grass-roots ju-ping chang, li chong, nanshan district party committee standing committee huang xueping, nanshan district government supervision commissioner xiao richer, nanshan district health bureau, party secretary, director of LeLiHua, nanshan district medical group headquarters and huazhong university of science and technology union medical college hospital in shenzhen (nanshan hospital) accompanied by the relevant person in charge of party secretary Chen Yuanqing and research. NieChunLei highly affirmation of the prospective of medical system reform practice in shenzhen, nanshan district, thumb up strong medical group at the grass-roots level, to promote health, make the practice of modern intelligent high level medical group, to encourage, nanshan district, shenzhen city hold good national level demonstration zones of socialist leading advantage, do some exploration to the national medical couplet body building, and the good widely out reform experience. Taking the opportunity of transforming the science and technology financial holding platform, Shenzhen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. keeps optimizing the stock, expanding the increment, continuously improving the capital strength and service ability of financial enterprises, and making Guoxin Securities, High-tech Investment Group and Guarantee Group into leading enterprises in the industry. Acquisition of Guoren Insurance to expand science and technology insurance business; Shenzhen Asset Management Company was newly established to build a financial risk mitigation platform with non-performing asset management as the core. Managing and operating shenzhen Angel Fund with a scale of 10 billion yuan, there are 43 funds of various types in the whole system, with a total scale of 98 billion yuan, forming a fund group covering the whole development life cycle of angel fund, VC/PE, M&A and other enterprises. Since 2018, the company has actively implemented the municipal government's "400 billion Yuan" plan and the rescue mission, providing financial support for private enterprises in terms of equity and debt. Located in the most eastern end of the city, South Australia, surrounded by the sea on three sides, beautiful scenery, but is located in the remote, weak infrastructure. With world-class binhai eco-tourism resort dapeng new area to speed up the construction and the global ocean concentrated load center city district, south Australia horn sounded the charge at the beginning of this year, to build a world-class coastal eco-tourism resort area, "do fine micro" projects of the people's livelihood, real micro practical and effective to improve the livelihood of the people "is one of the important tasks of 60 this year. At present, 213 projects have been fully rolled out. Walking in the streets and lanes of South Australia, the fresh wind blows in my face. The fire escape on the "inner circle" road of the Residents' group in Sheung Heng Gang, XINTa Community, which used to be completely dark, has now been installed with new street lamps to illuminate the residents' peace of mind on their way home. The outdoor fitness equipment plaza at the entrance and exit of pingshanzai residents group is close to the main road, and there are safety hazards when children play. According to the demands of the masses, nan 'ao built a fence with a green slot, which is safe and beautiful, and has won great support from the residents. The 70-year-old old man li ma Yang said with a smile: "guang At present, the 7th Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen Hospital of University of Hong Kong, Longgang District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Baoan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen Pingle Orthopedics and Traumatology Hospital, And Kwai Chung People's Hospital of Dapeng New District have antivenin. What should I do if I am bitten by a snake? Experts from the Seventh Hospital of Zhongshan remind, first of all, to immediately away from the place of the snake bite. If the snake holds on, use a stick or other tool to push it away. If you are bitten by a snake in water, move to shore or on a boat immediately to avoid drowning. The second step is to determine whether the snake is toxic. From the wound, there are a pair of teeth marks such as ".." Or '∧' shape for snake bite; Bitten by a non-toxic snake, the wound leaves a neat row of teeth marks; If you don't know if a snake is poisonous, you can remember what it looks like or take out your mobile phone to take a picture so that your doctor can prescribe the right medicine. Step 3: Keep your mind calm and don't run too hard. This can slow down the spread of snake venom in your body and reduce the symptoms of systemic poisoning. Step 4: Decompress and tighten. Remove all kinds of restricted items in the injured area, such as rings, bracelets, anklets, watches, etc., so as not to be removed due to subsequent swelling and aggravate local injuries; The upper part of the bitten limb is fastened with rope, cloth, etc.; The degree of tightness to be able to insert a finger is appropriate, every half an hour to an hour to loosen ligation for 3 minutes. "You can learn some useful new dishes and make lots of friends. It's great fun." Mr Zhang, who is only 13, speaks with great tact. "I don't think learning to cook is the end goal of the event. The real goal is for people to enjoy the process of learning to cook and making friends."

      The Guangming Station is located on the north section of Guangming Avenue between Lai Lin Road and SAN Min Heng Second Street, facing north and south. Science Park station to the north, Guangming Avenue station to the south. The station's construction land is mainly industrial land, with Xinjianxing Science and Technology Industrial Park in the east and Shenzhen Second Vocational And Technical School and Lilin School in Guangming District in the north. Guangming Station is an elevated three-storey island station, which adopts the combined structure form of "build-bridge". Three floors on the ground are platform floors, with platform doors on both sides of effective platforms. The station is an island platform, the second floor is the station hall floor, and the first floor is the overhead floor. There are 4 entrances and exits in the station: A, B, C and D. The entrance and exit of B is reserved and has not been opened yet. Among them, Exit A is the bus connection in the direction of Songgang, and Exit D is the bus connection in the direction of Science Museum. According to the relevant requirements of the Circular of the Organization Department of the District Committee on the Establishment and Acceptance of The 2019 Nanshan District Excellent Characteristic Communities, nine communities under the jurisdiction of Yuehai Sub-district, including Houhai, Nanyou, Shenzhen university, Science and Technology Park, Maling, Longcheng, Minghai, Tonggu and Jingguang, will accept the acceptance work of the district. Recently, according to the relevant requirements of the Notice on the Establishment and Acceptance of 2019 Excellent Characteristic Communities in Nanshan District issued by the Organization Department of The District Committee, nine communities under The jurisdiction of Yuehai Sub-district, including Houhai, Nanyou, Shenzhen university, Science and Technology Park, Maliing, Longcheng, Minghai, Tonggu and Jingguang, will accept the acceptance work of the district. Guangdong street party working carefully deployed, earnestly implement the acceptance preparation, led by CPC party-mass work, quickly set up the street from the evaluation of acceptance of the working group, self-reported acceptance plan formulation, and invite vice secretary of the street party working Yuan Li, sunny working committee members, the district party committee party school researcher lindadhl d, district party committee party school director Lin new Canon and other leaders and experts panels, to create a community, one by one, listen to the community party secretary site acceptance report, help communities in the form of the training of "field" combing work window and practical results. It is understood that Tongguan Road (Maozhou He-Dongchang Road) was set up in 2009. The project has complicated causes and difficult problems. The remaining one kilometer has been unable to be opened, involving 11 private houses, 3 factories, 1 large supermarket and 1 comprehensive market. Under the strong leadership of the guangming District government, Fenghuang Street coordinated and advanced, concentrated its strength to fight hard, and completed all the signing tasks in only three months, thus opening up the "last kilometer" leading to the public for ten years. Phoenix Street attaches great importance to the work of the house selection, in line with the "open, fair, just" sunshine principle of house selection, the whole process of the house selection video, the main person in charge of phoenix Street office and in charge of the person in charge to the house selection site guidance; The street politics and law office, discipline inspection Office, urban construction office, Jiacitang community as witnesses to carry out on-site supervision. Previously, Phoenix Street repeatedly solicited the opinions of the resettled people, organized the resettled people to see the house on site, explained the rules of house selection in detail, answered the questions of the resettled people timely, and made a detailed work plan of house selection based on this. Due to proper organization, adequate preparation and effective measures, the whole process of house selection was ensured to be transparent and transparent. The first 8 owners all chose the desired housing placement. So far, the land reconditioning work of tongguan Road project drew a satisfactory full stop.   

      How to innovate the pattern of resource allocation and build a high - tech industry cluster? 'The core Shenzhen Bay park developed and operated by Shenzhen Investment Control has a total area of 3.6 million square meters, provides high standards of construction and high quality services, and rents are 30% cheaper than similar properties on the market,' Mr. Wang said. At present, Shenzhen Bay Park has more than 1,000 enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 250 billion yuan. It has become a well-known and industry-leading high-tech park brand in China. In the past two years, the company has undertaken many landmark projects such as Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone and Shenzhen Bay Super headquarters base. The investment in the next few years will reach 150 billion yuan. & have spent  According to the 2018 Gender Statistics report of Shenzhen, by the end of 2018, the permanent resident population of Shenzhen was 13.026,600, of which 5.949 million were women, accounting for 45.7%. There were 2.031,200 children, accounting for 15.6 percent. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and government have always attached great importance to the cause of women and children, constantly increasing policy protection and financial input, and has realized free screening of "two cancers" for women of the permanent resident age. By the end of July this year, 845 mother-and-child rooms in public places had been set up, and the number will exceed 1,000 by the end of 2020. Women and children have more equal access to education, compulsory education is provided without distinction of gender or household registration, services are provided to the whole population, and the sex ratio of students in ordinary institutions of higher learning is basically balanced. Women enjoy better social security. By 2019, 5.247,900 women will be covered by maternity insurance, which has improved their quality of life.  Boundless, but the trade wind. The anti-japanese spirit created by the great Chinese people in the War of Resistance against Japan is a precious spiritual wealth for the Chinese people to strive for independence and freedom and achieve national liberation in modern times. This spirit has led the Chinese nation to triumph over foreign aggression when it was poor or weak, and it will surely guide the Chinese nation to make a new chapter in its historic journey toward a decisive victory in a decisive battle to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. After being demolished in 1840, a frequently war-torn land plagued by internal and external conflicts, too, the great powers frequently came or left whenever they wanted, and ceding land and paying reparations became a common occurrence. The Chinese nation had been enslaved for too long.

      It is a cultural palace with both natural beauty and high art. Moving from a small fishing village to a big city, the cultural roots of Shenzhen are accumulating. Where can we find the cultural roots of Shenzhen in the past 40 years? In shenzhen special economic zone set up 40 anniversary, recently, shenzhen art museum "window - shenzhen art museum building, management and collection of research, in the early exhibition, through displaying art and rich old photos, letters, books and so on literature material, reviewed the 40 years of shenzhen arts pioneer, at the same time, study the history of art market since China's reform and opening up, providing enlightenment for the future. The exhibition will be open to the public free of charge until 31 August.  Representative trading centers such as Shuibeiwanshan Jewelry Industrial Park, Jinzhan Jewelry Plaza, Teri Jewelry Building and Shuibei Gold Block vowed to actively respond to the call and offer all-round jewelry series promotion activities to promote the economic recovery in an all-round way. Fook on Saturday, the old phoenix, chow tai fook jewellery, week in the name of brands, such as jewelry, extraction China jewellery, hopes to represent the most original shenzhen jewelry design, cutting-edge technology, the trend of the product promotion, dedication for the general consumers belong to the "shenzhen jewelry" perfect visual feast, shape fashion, high-end image of the "shenzhen jewelry". Wu Sikang, secretary of the Party Committee and director of Shenzhen Government Development Research Center, gave a keynote speech on "Giving full play to Strategic Advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Building an International Innovation Center", and analyzed how Futian District made use of "new infrastructure, new consumption, new manufacturing and new technology" to build an international innovation center. China merchants bank shenzhen branch President YueYing, wumart technology group co., LTD. General manager don sun, shenzhen city building decoration (group) co., LTD., chairman of Wu Fugui, program-controlled stock group co., LTD., chairman of Peng Guoyuan four futian district federation of industry and commerce member companies such as representatives in the form of the round table dialogue, and the general representative of private enterprise further build consensus, said it would focus more focused futian district "four new" development, actively participate in futian district strategic project pioneer, contributing to a large bay area of guangdong and shenzhen first demonstration area construction fukuda, fukuda practice wisdom. 

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