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      The Xinhua Dictionary was published by the People's Education Publishing House in 1953 after being examined and approved verbatim by Ye Shengtao. In 1957, Xinhua Dictionary was published by the Commercial Press. Since then it has been published and distributed by the Commercial Press. In the early days of the founding of New China, the "literacy" work urgently needed a practical small dictionary. The Xinhua Dictionary is in line with this requirement. It makes great contributions to the eradication of illiteracy by making simple and easy to understand definitions and examples in vernacular Chinese. In articles published by the media in previous years, such an incident was mentioned: In the 1970s, the editor of Xinhua Dictionary received a letter from a reader, saying that he did not know how to distinguish between the sexes of geese and that he had checked the item "geese" in Xinhua Dictionary before killing them.      In terms of supply, China produced 1.81 billion tons of coal in the first half of this year, up 0.6% year on year and down 2% from the same period last year. Imports of coal reached 170 million tons, up 12.7% year on year and 6.9 percentage points higher than the same period last year. Qinhuangdao port coal inventory 4.83 million tons, down 13.6% year on year; The appropriation of funds for finished coal production was 56.2 billion yuan, up 5.3% year-on-year. On the demand side, the accumulative revenue in the first half of the year was 915.8 billion yuan, down 11.8% year on year and 15.4% percentage point from the same period last year. Coal exports were 1.74 million tons, down 41.7% year on year and down 67.6 percent from the same period last year. The price of thermal coal of 5500 kcal around bohai Sea was 533 yuan/ton, down by 7.8% year-on-year and down by 9.2 percentage points compared with the same period of last year, up by 2 yuan and 3 yuan respectively compared with the end of May and April. The ex-factory price index was 90.7 per cent (up from 100 per cent in the same month last year).

      "Big companies are doing well." Chen Shihua said. Recently, auto companies have successively released the latest sales data. Geely Automobile sold 105,000 units in July, up 15% year on year. Great Wall motor's sales at home and abroad were successful, with a total of 78,300 units sold, up 30 per cent year on year, of which 6,300 were exported in July, up 75 per cent month-on-month. In terms of market share, Sales of Chinese-brand passenger cars reached 585,000 units in July, up 4.5 percent from a year earlier. Market share also recovered for the first time in nearly four months, rising to 35.1 per cent from a low of 33.6 per cent in June. The market share of German and Japanese brands continues to rise, while that of American and Korean brands declines. On the export side, China's automobile exports in July were basically unchanged from the previous month at 62,000 units. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said, if the second half of the overseas epidemic does not recover significantly, then China's automobile export market is still not optimistic. TaoYongXin said, as a central city in the east of shenzhen and shenzhen national high-tech zone core area, plateau mountainous area and the strong leadership of the municipal party committee municipal government city bureau of education under the concern and support, carried out the construction of education innovation and development as the important content of sustainable development of the high quality innovation ping mountain, actively planning the construction of new system and mechanism innovation entrepreneurship institute, speed up to build a new mechanism of higher education, such as shenzhen normal university gradually explore elementary school, junior high school, high school and college education of creative talents in different stages of the reform, efforts to build for the future, the international and the global innovation ecological system of transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The school philosophy of Shenzhen Middle School is highly compatible with the innovative temperament of Pingshan. The cooperation between the two sides to build Pingshan Innovative School in Shenzhen Middle School will further improve the development level of innovative education in Pingshan region, and will also provide new experience for the city to promote the reform and development of basic education. Next, Pingshan District will provide comprehensive service guarantee for the preparation and construction of Shenzhen Middle School Pingshan Innovation School, and work with Shenzhen Middle School to speed up the building of Pingshan Innovation School into an innovative education benchmark matching the development goals of Shenzhen's construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics pilot demonstration area. According to experts interviewed by The Rule of Law Daily, the free admission policy should not be implemented in a one-size-fits-all way, and the development of the ticket economy should be managed according to local conditions, taking into account resource attributes, development and construction, cost input and other factors. In hubei province, from August 8th to the end of this year, including "11" golden week, nearly 400 a-class tourist scenic spot of national tourist free admission, the outbreak of low risk area visitors real-name appointments, measuring temperature, sweeping health code can enter the scenic area, after each scenic spot will be in accordance with the "set limit to, make an appointment, wrong peak" open request, according to the verification of daily maximum load of 50% daily appointment. "The essence of tourism is attention economy and eye economy. At present, consumers are faced with diversified choices, and reducing prices is actually to increase the weight of being chosen. At present, in the process of tourism recovery, the competition is fierce, and the tourism industry urgently needs to strengthen the source of tourists and find the weakness of consumers. It should also be noted that free admission to scenic spots is more a government action than a market action." "Liu Simin said. It is understood that this year, the total prize amount of the competition has increased to 2 million yuan, among which there are 6 first, second and third prizes in the enterprise group, and the total prize amount is 1 million yuan. 6 team awards with a total bonus of 700,000 yuan. In addition, there are various forms of the competition this year, and more attention is paid to the transformation of the competition results. The first special biomedical workshop was set up to facilitate the integrated development of the industry. To build a "cloud platform" for the event and enhance the brand influence of Guangming District through the operation of online entrepreneurship and innovation platform; Pre-competition project tracking and one-to-one professional training; To set up a "Light-creating Investment team" to solve the financing difficulties of participating projects; Link major banking institutions to create project capital "solutions".

          Ruan Qingfeng, first secretary of Chajia Village, Fuyang Town, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County: Actively strive for more than 5 million yuan of project funds, to build the whole village improvement project. Infrastructure such as sightseeing walkways, viewing platforms, leisure squares and cultural buildings has been built. Chen Yi, a villager from Chajia Village, Fuyang Town, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County: It has increased dozens of times compared to the original. I nearly 60 years old, do not know immediately get such a situation, three years of change is good big, now I live at home looking at (scenery) very cool, come back to eat a full meal out to enjoy the cool especially comfortable. Tourist Yin Hang: After coming here, it was quite nice to see, because it was nice to see not only the lake, but also some of the Skyline of Fuchuan. After coming here, I feel that this decoration is very beautiful, and then there is a kind of earth-shaking change with the former countryside, which is to give a person a refreshing feeling.  

      This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. Xi general secretary pointed out that in the process of the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War grand, formed the great spirit of the Chinese people had shown the world the world is the rise and fall, fortunes of patriotism, death to surrender, national integrity, intrepidity, heroic the bloody battle in the end, indomitable, tenacious spirit of triumphalism. The great spirit of Anti-Japanese War is a precious spiritual treasure of the Chinese people, and will always be a powerful spiritual force that inspires the Chinese people to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and make unremitting efforts to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The great national spirit with patriotism at its core is the decisive factor for the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. A country is not strong without a strong spirit. Spirit is the soul on which a nation lives for a long time. Only by reaching a certain spiritual height can this nation stand firm and forge ahead amidst the currents of history. Through the ages, any nation that has done something is famous for its unique spirit. Patriotism is the core of the Spirit of the Chinese nation, rooted in the heart of the Chinese nation, is the spiritual gene of the Chinese nation, maintaining the unity and unity of all ethnic groups on the land of China, and inspiring generation after generation of Chinese sons and daughters to struggle for the prosperity and development of the Chinese nation.   It is summer vacation, children often stay and play in the parking lot and community, the vehicles in these areas are frequent, and people and cars mixed, frequent accidents. Traffic police in this remind the majority of parents, to strengthen the child's traffic safety education, do not let the child in the parking lot, near the vehicle play, travel alert, always keep in mind the safety! 

        This year, under the impact of crises such as the COVID-19 epidemic and the floods in southern China, we need to do a good job in ensuring stability, especially employment, which is essential to people's livelihood. Shenzhen should continue to build a first-class business environment with pioneering standards, provide shelter and escort for market players, contribute its strength to stabilize the basic economic momentum of the country, minimize the impact of the epidemic on the economy, and help enterprises, especially small, medium-sized and micro businesses, tide over the difficulties. The epidemic has had an impact, but it cannot change the long-term positive trend of China's economy. Risks and opportunities exist side by side. Shenzhen should continue to adhere to the guidance of the new development philosophy, deepen supply-side structural reform, deepen reform and opening up, promote high-quality economic development, and take advantage of the "adjustment period" brought about by the epidemic to help enterprises transform and upgrade their economies and build on the momentum. Only when the economy has potential and we have the confidence can we be well-off. Shenzhen will further push the high level and opening up, the coordinated development of deep involvement in the bay area, fully engaged in the domestic large cycle, the international dual cycle, a key nodes, good internal and external circular intersection to cope with change and develop new bureau, make domestic and international market better unicom, realize sustainable development of more robust, let people can enjoy the various convenience brought about by the economic globalization.    

       "Catch up with The Times" in the "fight for a way out", Shenzhen has been bold and bold to try, with the spirit of innovation in the market economic system reform, become a representative of the reform and opening up; In the "leading times" of "blazing a new trail", Shenzhen sets itself the standard of pioneers, firmly implements innovation-driven development, and becomes a pacesetter in high-quality development. Whether in terms of land area or natural resources, Shenzhen is a city with an obvious "ceiling" of traditional development mode. However, Shenzhen has shaken off the constraints of growth, broken through the "limit of growth" and renewed the height of development again and again. What are the reasons for this? It's innovation.  Continue to promote scenic spot ticket price reduction. Continue on the basis of preliminary work, efforts to develop key state-owned scenic spot tickets cost whose or investigation and evaluation to adjust price, comprehensive consideration of regional economic development level and the scenic area scale level difference, distinguish between the different modes of operation and management of scenic spots, innovative management style price, classification ShiCe state scenic spot ticket prices return to reasonable interval, reduce the high ticket prices, the implementation of information disclosure. The reduction of scenic spot ticket prices this year should take into account the impact of THE COVID-19 epidemic, take local conditions into consideration, and adhere to the combination of near and far. It should not only promote the development of tourism, but also ensure the normal operation of scenic spots. Constantly improve the ticket price formation mechanism. In 2020, on previous price does not reach the designated position and 3 a grade and below state scenic spot as the key point, in principle, implement all the government pricing management within their respective jurisdictions scenic spot tickets cost whose or adjust the whole survey, price assessment, and according to the "guidance" requirement, establish and improve the regular evaluation adjustment mechanism, ready for a new work. It is reported that the summer vacation has come, many left behind in the hometown of "small migratory birds" scheduled to fly to Shenzhen, reunite with their parents, due to the busy work of parents, "small migratory birds" generally exist "second left behind" problem. In order to further enrich the summer cultural life of the builders' children in songgang district, the youth league committee and volunteer association of songgang sub-district will hold a 4-day summer camp from August 11 to 14, solstice. In order to let teenagers know about the wonderful world outside, planted the seeds of dreams, songgang street migratory birds to fly according to participate in the activity of teenagers, summer camp for children to deep contract employees respectively arranged the trip to the red revolution, artistic journey, trip, the trip to the bay area construction of green environmental protection, cultural experience tour, recreational tour trip knowledge lectures, visit exhibitions, outdoor expansion, handmade, skills upgrading, such as more than 10 activities, for young people provide a platform for learning knowledge, social contact.

      It is understood that, in order to effectively solve the outstanding problems in the field of dog management in Shenzhen, in August 2019, Shenzhen urban management bureau and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau jointly promote the property estate trial "ten one" dog management model. Among them mentioned to set up a civilized dog inspection and supervision team, demarcate a walk dog activity area and so on. In recent years, Shenzhen has made every effort to build a whole-process innovation ecological chain of "basic research + technological breakthrough + achievement industrialization + science and technology finance". In particular, basic research is an innovative foundation project and the source of innovation. Institutional innovation is indispensable. In November 2018, shenzhen's implementation measures on strengthening basic scientific research were approved in principle by the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee, encouraging free exploratory research and encouraging innovation from 0 to 1. In July 2019, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Plan Management Reform Plan, known as "Article 22 science and Technology Reform", was issued. Through the establishment, integration, expansion and optimization of science and technology planning projects, the "22 Items of science and Technology Reform" strives to form a scientific and technological planning system with a reasonable overall layout and clear functional positioning of "One category of research funds, five special projects and 24 categories". The drafters said that the reform plan reflects the characteristics of "marketization of the system architecture, internationalization of key links, initiative of government layout, stabilization of university support, gradient of talent support, closer cooperation between Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, and comprehensive international exchanges", which can provide important support for the construction of the pilot demonstration area. According to the bureau, when dining out, citizens can observe whether the tableware package is complete, whether there is foreign matter and dust inside, and can also smell the smell of tableware, pay attention to the date of production of the package and the warranty period to make a preliminary judgment. Tableware as long as after strict washing, high temperature sterilization process, you can rest assured use. "Any members? Do you need one if you don't have one?" At the Wanning Beijing He Sheng Hui shopping center, clerks still try to sell Wanning members when collecting money. "You're all going to pull out, but is membership still good enough?" Some customers have expressed doubts. Not all stores will be closed, the clerk said. "There are still stores open." In fact, wanning is not the only difficulty encountered, the old beauty collection store Watsons is also experiencing transformation pains. Hutchison's global sales fell 11 percent to 73.627 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 66.07 billion yuan) during the financial reporting period, according to the company's results for the first half of 2020. Sales in China were 8.805 billion Hong Kong dollars (7.892 billion yuan), down 30% from a year earlier.  

      At about 17:19 that day, it was the evening rush hour. After learning the situation, in order to give the injured girl to fight for a shorter time to treat, Luohu brigade Sungang Squadron cavalry members on the spot duty police division quickly. On the one hand, the situation will be reported to the traffic police brigade sub-command center, for the patients planning the fastest route; On the other hand, open the green channel, drive the cuirassiers back and forth to form a coordination, and sound the siren to open the way for the vehicle carrying the patient. Under the escort of the traffic police, the car arrived at the Second People's Hospital of Shenzhen city in a smooth and safe way. The whole journey took only 10 minutes, which won precious treatment time for the injured girl. The girl is in stable condition and her life is not in danger. The War of Resistance against Japan has greatly sublimed the patriotic tradition of the Chinese nation. Since ancient times, China has had a patriotic tradition that all men are responsible for the rise and fall of the world. Since modern times, the Chinese people have waged a series of struggles for national independence and liberation, which is the historical process of the awakening of the Chinese nation and the sublimation of its spirit. This kind of national awakening and sublimation of national spirit reached a new height in the period of Anti-Japanese War. The War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, with its unprecedented momentum, shook the hearts of the people and inspired the people to "take the interests of the nation and the country as their own", showing the spirit of patriotism. In those bloody years, it became the common will of the Chinese nation to fight against aggression and save the nation from extinction, and the Entire Chinese people found a meeting point on the issue of resistance against Japan. Patriotism must be resisted, and resistance is patriotism. All for resistance, resistance is above all. Resistance to Japan has become the sole criterion for distinguishing patriotism and the common belief of the Chinese people. Patriotism is more intense, more extensive, more lasting and more militant than ever before, achieving a high degree of unity in theory and practice. On May 18, 1939, leaving mechanic Bai Xuejiao returned overseas Chinese in southeast Asia to the parents a touching farewell, the letter said: "this time, pure go to serve the motherland, although I am not a society it is worth noting that the bug, although be in saving the founding of big business, my strength is not enough on a drop in the bucket, but all the water droplets, and the merged into the sea. I wish I could, amidst the torrent of salvation, exhaust one drop of my strength."  Mental health problems are common and many people have mental health problems that they may not be aware of. Address: Room 229, Shenzhen Entrance Examination Office, No. 1068, Nigang West Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen; Zip code: 518000; Receiving unit: College Entrance Examination Department of Shenzhen Entrance Examination Office. Please submit before the deadline and mark "Normative documents for Comments" on the cover

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