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      Relying on the technical support of "big data" and "block chain", Xiaoshan District has built the first full-decoration supervision platform in China -- "Xiaoshan District Residential Full-decoration Information Service Supervision Platform", which carries out dynamic supervision over the whole process of project implementation, and conducts closed-loop and retrospective management when problems are found. "In the future, we will rely on this platform to establish a blacklist for monitoring the quality of projects under construction, so that the fittest will survive." Xiaoshan District Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau said. "All parts of Zhejiang are actively innovating supervision methods, using information management and purchasing third-party services, and actively exploring new mechanisms for homebuyers to participate in quality supervision and quality defect insurance, so as to adapt to the development of fully decorated houses." Provincial department of construction related person in charge said.       

       The people decide whether the environment is good or not. These days, companies in Jiaxing often encounter a group of people who use their noses to "monitor" the air in their factories for odors. The staff, known as smellers, assess air quality not only by looking at the data, but also by looking at the perception of the air. Not only should you look beautiful, but you should also smell fresh. It will be a protracted war for Zhejiang to win the battle to protect the blue sky. In recent years, the ecological environment of our province has been continuously improved, and the air quality is the first in the key regions of China to reach the national level 2. A review of the report on pollution prevention and control in the first half of the year shows that the air is cleaner: the average concentration of PM2.5 in cities divided into districts in the province is 26 micrograms per cubic meter, down 21.2 percent year-on-year. The number of days with good air quality was 93.4 percent, up 5.1 percentage points year on year. "Since the beginning of this year, we have carried out the 'double control' and 'double reduction' of PM2.5 and ozone. We have launched a comprehensive battle against ozone in summer and autumn, and environmental air quality has continued to improve." Provincial department of Ecology and environment related person in charge said, this benefits from our province in the industrial waste gas treatment and industrial structure adjustment and other aspects of continuous power.  In 2018, the Provincial Construction Department issued a notice on the Pilot Work Plan of Quality Insurance for Residential Projects in Zhejiang Province. In the same year, Xiaoshan district pilot "residential decoration project quality insurance" : in the normal use of the house, due to the construction of potential defects caused by accidents, by the insurance company compensation repair, reinforcement or reconstruction costs. "We will focus more on the full decoration of the house and the main after-sales demands of the people's livelihood." Zhou Lie, deputy general manager of Zhejiang branch of Pacific Property insurance said. The creative introduction of insurance mechanism can not only prevent the occurrence of disputes due to housing quality problems after delivery, but also the insurance company will find a third party risk control organization during construction to predict, warn and precontrol the quality risk of the whole decoration project, so as to reduce the risk of project quality defects from the source. This amounts to bringing in a dutiful "overseer" for homebuyers. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Mechanization of Animal Husbandry and the Opinions on Accelerating the Mechanization of Facility Planting. Data show that 77,000 sets of livestock machinery were purchased with subsidies, a doubling of the previous year. We carried out subsidies for greenhouses on a trial basis in 13 provinces to support the production and supply of vegetables during the epidemic prevention and control period. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance have included seven types of characteristic hilly and mountainous products, including tea color sorting machine, tea conveyor, tea flattening machine, fruit tree trimmer, edible fungus bottling (bag) machine, orchard rail transport machine and straw collector, into the scope of national subsidies to support the development of agricultural mechanization in poor areas.

      In 2017, Tantou Village set up a professional farming cooperative to cultivate agricultural industry and build a selenium-rich brand. & other; Want to change traditional planting pattern, realize agricultural to plant industrialization, must let the land that farmer contracts first circulate rise. Throughout the &; Xiao Guihua said. & other; How happy I was when I got the land transfer rent and dividends from the cooperative! Throughout the &; Liu Yangfu is full of gratitude. It is Xiao Secretary and village cadres to the good policy to our hands, to the warmth of our hearts. Throughout the &; At present, 109 impoverished households in Tantou village have all become shareholders in breeding cooperatives.   During the "Third Summer" period, 16.4 million sets of various agricultural machinery and tools were invested in various regions, among which 276,000 combine harvesters participated in cross-regional operations. The mechanized sowing rate of spring corn in northern China was nearly 97%, that of early rice in southern China was up by nearly 6 percentage points to 42%, and that of winter wheat was up to 97%. Among them, the mechanized sowing rate of winter wheat and summer corn in Huang-Huai-Hai region was 99% and 93% respectively, and the mechanization level of the whole process of summer harvest, summer seed and summer pipe was further improved. "The harvester, which is equipped with the automatic driving assistance system, was used in the wheat harvest in Jinan for the first time this year, achieving high precision positioning, automatic path planning and unmanned walking. Can achieve harvesting specifications, accurate, reduce the "running leakage", to ensure that the grain warehouse. Zhou Jun, deputy director of the Agricultural machinery Bureau of Changqing District, Jinan city, Shandong Province, said. On the growth in first-half results, NISsin Foods said that after the COVID-19 outbreak, Curtilage economy & throughout; Let the demand for high-quality ready-to-eat noodles rise. Uni-president also said in the announcement, In the first half of the year, the instant noodles industry has played a good emergency role in responding to global health emergencies. Its safe and delicious food has given consumers a new understanding of instant noodles, and the industry has grown significantly. Throughout the &; & other; The epidemic has led to a large number of restaurants unable to open, so many people choose convenient food, in addition to home to reduce the number of people at home to prepare some instant noodles to solve the problem of eating. Throughout the &; White Elephant food related person in charge analysis, although some restaurants opened after normal work, but people still have some concerns about dining in restaurants, and even ordering takeout, so in the office with convenient food replacement situation is more. Selenium-rich brands have become popular, making villages look more beautiful and rural tourism more popular. In July 2019, a tourism cooperative was set up in Tantou Village, with more than 160 villagers buying shares. Many tourists come to pick selenium-rich fruits and vegetables, taste selenium-rich farmers' dishes and experience rural b&Bs. & other; The village has also set up a specialty supermarket, specializing in the sale of villagers processing produced selenium-rich characteristics of agricultural products. Zishan hemp cakes made by the villagers themselves are often sold out. Throughout the &; Xiao Guihua said, The tourism cooperative established in half a year, the turnover of more than 800,000 yuan. In the first few months, thousands of visitors came every day. The village Ancestral hall of Liu began a selenium-rich banquet, 70 or 80 tables open at the same time, often a table difficult to find! Throughout the &;

       "So many county leaders sent out the service, send policy, let us very moved." Yu Weijiao, chairman of YTO Express Co., recalls. It was also after the meeting that YTO stepped up its pace of return. Fuchun Future City fully cooperated, designed four versions of planning drafts before and after, and finally brought the yto National Engineering Laboratory innovation research and development Base project back to Tonglu. After entering the Tonglu County Government meeting center, Yu Weijiao's first words were: "It's really good to be home." In 2010, he and his wife, Zhang Xiaojuan, spent several months in Beijing before finally bringing back to Tonglu the golden sign of "the hometown of private express delivery in China". Now, with the development of my hometown, this golden sign has been given a new meaning. "The hometown of couriers" is being upgraded to "the hometown of the express industry" at an accelerating pace. In Yu Weijiao's opinion, it is the customized blueprints and sincere visits that make YTO feel the sincerity of his hometown. "The county has done a lot of meticulous work and made different plans according to the characteristics of each enterprise and the different regression projects, so that we can have a better development platform and create greater value after returning to our hometown." Why did "three links and one reach" choose to cluster back at this time? In addition to the hard to give up the motherland, what is driving them home pace? From the "hometown of express delivery people" 10 years ago to the "hometown of express delivery industry" now, how is the progress of tonglu's new goal? Looking back over the past 20 years, for the tonglu people, they have been walking a road of "going out". From the earliest Zhongshan Township to nearby Fenshui town and Hengcun Town, more and more Tonglu people are engaged in the express delivery industry. Thanks to the rapid rise of the Internet and e-commerce industry, they have gradually gained a firm foothold in the national express delivery market as well as their own positions in the international market. Since March, agricultural machinery manufacturers have stepped up efforts to resume production. The main indicators for the production and sales of agricultural machinery enterprises above designated size have turned from downward to overall recovery, and the industry has picked up significantly. The output of major agricultural machinery products has picked up, and the production and sales of high-horsepower tractors, wheat harvesters, corn harvesters and rice transplanters have all achieved positive growth. From January to May, the output of large tractors increased by 21.9% and the sales volume by 20.3% year-on-year. The yield of maize and rice harvester increased by 0.34% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 1.8% year-on-year. The output and sales of rice transplanter increased by 16.5% and 3.7% respectively. The output of baling machine increased by 48.8% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 111.9% year-on-year.  

       The project is about 535 meters long through the greenway, among which 218 meters are transformed along the riverbank of Dongri Shopping Mall. 117 metres of greenway renovation along the river bank of The Clor Tower; The greenway of the second stage of Dananli Waterfront Promenade is about 200 meters long. The main project includes greening, hard pavement, water supply and drainage, lighting, safety protection and so on. The construction cycle is 5 months. The oujiang river levee park road, CuiWei mountain park, nine mountain park, dragon boat base park, riverside belt park, zhongshan park, the inkwell park, canopy mountain park, sea temple mountain park, Lv Pu park, Yang Fu mountain park, embroidered mountain park, village head waterfront park, saddle pool park and century square, to carry out the 5 g park construction, green space to upgrade, rigid pavement, reconstruction of water sports venues, entrance, star-level public toilets promote construction, etc. The construction cycle is 36 months.   Since 2020, despite the shadow of the epidemic, instant noodles have become popular again and become a staple food for many people. This has not only accelerated the recovery of the entire industry, but also made instant noodle companies rich. Not only instant noodles, snail noodle, self-heating hot pot and other new convenience food are emerging in large Numbers and favored by capital. The industry believes that convenient food is expected to usher in a new round of tuyere. When shopping in supermarkets during the epidemic, in addition to buying fresh produce, many people may also come to the instant noodle shelves and place their orders. Five pack & throughout; Or put a few buckets of instant noodles in your shopping cart. Used to be & other; National food. Instant noodles, a few years ago once cold, by consumers. Does & throughout; . Now, because of the epidemic, instant noodles, which are easy to eat and easy to store, are making a comeback as the first choice of emergency food. This habit of consumers quietly changed, greatly pulled the rapid recovery of the instant noodles market.

      A technician debuts a new train at yingzhong Depot of Hangzhou Metro Line 7 in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, Aug. 11, 2018. Two new trains in the "Romantic Purple" paint have arrived at the depot and are about to start sliding on the net. Line 7 is one of the "Asian Games Special line" of Hangzhou subway. Starting from Wushan Plaza station and ending at Jiangdong No.2 Road station, line 7 connects the West Lake Scenic spot, civic center, Olympic Sports Center, Xiaoshan Airport and other important stations along the way. It is expected to be completed in 2021. & other; Stocks mean there is a huge inherent market for big fish in big ponds. Throughout the &; For why we should choose a convenient fast food track full of giants to start a business, & LDquo; Luca brasi empress & throughout; Ma Yuan, the founder, said the stock market of fast food is about 350 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 6 percent and online growth of more than 50 percent. Especially since the epidemic. Instant noodles & throughout; Searches on Tmall increased more than 200-fold, and 15 million packs of instant noodles were sold between New Year's eve and ninth day of the lunar New Year. The change of consumption mode and consumption channel of new consumer groups has laid a foundation for the change of this traditional industry. Throughout the &;  

          According to the supermarket, 10 kinds of dishes per day are no higher than the price monitoring level in Beijing, which has become a normal price monitoring mechanism. Jingkelong had previously expanded on the bureau's initiative, promising not to raise prices of 20 vegetables for a month and extending the period until July 31. Jingkelong plans to guarantee no more than 5 percent increase for each single item in the future. Yonghui said that the epidemic situation in Beijing has been effectively controlled, and it should adjust prices only according to the market situation from the perspective of people's livelihood and considering consumers' shopping experience. It is understood that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the quantity and price monitoring resources of daily necessities in the city's commercial and development and reform departments have been rapidly integrated, and the wholesale market, chain supermarket and community vegetable market have been monitored in a multi-dimensional real-time manner, so as to realize the prediction and early warning of the changes and fluctuations of daily necessities quantity and price. At present, the city vegetables, pork, beef, mutton, eggs and other daily necessities market supply stable, stable prices. Since 2020, despite the shadow of the epidemic, instant noodles have become popular again and become a staple food for many people.

          Indian Railways had set an August 12 deadline for the suspension of passenger train service. The Ministry of Railways said it was suspending all regular passenger train services for an indefinite period due to the current epidemic situation. If local governments have special requirements, they may request the railway departments to arrange special trains according to the circumstances. The Health Commission of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region recently announced that between 0:00 and 24:00 on August 11, nine new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and eight new asymptomatic infections were reported in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (including the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps), all in Urumqi. Forty-one new cases were cured and discharged from hospital, and eight asymptomatic infected patients were released from medical observation, all in Urumqi city. Severe cases were transferred to normal type in 3 cases. As of 24:00 on August 11, Xinjiang (including THE XPCC) has 535 confirmed cases (14 in critical condition and 23 in severe condition), including 532 cases in Urumqi, 1 case in Kashgar (a case associated with the epidemic in Urumqi), 1 case in Changji Prefecture (imported from Urumqi) and 1 case in XPCC. There are 131 asymptomatic infected persons, including 130 cases in Urumqi and 1 case in Changji Prefecture (imported from Urumqi). 14,569 people are still under medical observation.