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      Guiyang Net News & nbsp; online judicial auction houses, cars, auction shares, this time, the court enlarged the bidding online: auction live sheep, a total of 6500. After bidding, the court auctioned 6500 live sheep on the Internet, all of which were sold out. &According to the auction notice issued by Wuchuan court, the live sheep auctioned by the court were divided into two batches, including 3300 black goats and 3200 Hu sheep, all of which were kept by Wuchuan Jiangyi ecological animal husbandry technology development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangyi company). Jiangyi company, located in guantianba, Niutang village, fengle town, Wuchuan, has been engaged in animal husbandry for many years in fengle town.  According to the announcement issued by the court, the 6500 goats were divided into two batches. Among them, the evaluation price of 3300 black goats was 18 yuan / Jin, and the starting price was 18 yuan / Jin, with an increase of 0.3 yuan / Jin. 3 200 Hu sheep, the appraisal price is 16 yuan / Jin, the starting price is 16 yuan / Jin, and the increase range is 0.3 yuan / Jin. All bidders are required to pay a deposit of 100000 yuan. Online auction of live goats has also attracted many netizens' attention. These two batches of sheep also attracted more than 5000 people to watch. On August 9, after 14 rounds of bidding, the user name Yin won with the highest bidding price. The transaction price of black goat was 25.8 yuan / Jin. In addition, Yin bought Hu Yang for 20.5 yuan / Jin.  They eat not only seals and polar bears, but also ducks, geese, pigeons and spring birds. It is said that the taste of spring birds is very delicious. However, it is not easy to hunt wild animals. Often there is nothing to gain, so you have to starve. In case of necessity, Stephenson once ate the cattle hide on his shoes. However, in the face of these unspeakable difficulties, Stephenson did not flinch. He and his companions arrived at the destination with extraordinary perseverance. Stephenson spent 11 years in the Arctic Circle, and six of them lived on meat and water alone. He became the first explorer in the world to reach the Arctic without food or fuel.

      In order to turn the grand blueprint of Guiyang Gui'an into a beautiful reality, we must speed up the construction of the urban development pattern of "connecting the central axis of the city, coordinating the two wings of the East and the west, expanding in both directions from north to south, and advancing step by step in groups" to enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of Guiyang Gui'an. We should focus on the goal of building a large-scale economic city, optimize and improve the urban function, spatial structure and development mode of Guiyang Gui'an, and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern of industry city coordination, regional coordination, urban-rural coordination, and human and natural coordination; We should open up the framework of urban development (build Shubo avenue into the "central axis" of Guiyang Gui'an City, form a new backbone to support the urban development, and become the driving force to promote the integrated development; promote the superposition of resource advantages with the coordination of the East and the West; accelerate the coordinated development of urban and rural areas with the two-way development of North and South; and promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas in groups; Strengthen regional coordination and linkage, not only to tap the stock potential of urban renewal in old urban areas, but also to give full play to Gui'an's "building a city on flat land"; It not only scientifically arranges the space carrier of urban construction and industrial development, but also gives full play to the ecological value of refreshing Guiyang and Shanshui Gui'an, promotes the balanced allocation of various resources, forms a group type module with relatively complete functions, moderate spatial density and balanced job housing ratio, so as to promote each group to give full play to its advantages, highlight its characteristics, and develop in a coordinated way The integrity, coordination and sustainability of the system. In ancient times, Zeus, Athena and Prometheus painstakingly created the world. Zeus made cattle, Prometheus made men, Athena built houses. They asked Momus to identify their creation. This one, very jealous, said the following words to the fruits of their labor: "bah! The ox made by Zeus is so stupid that it doesn't have a sharp eye. Such a guy is not worth judging. It can't see the direction of killing. As for the man who Prometheus made, it was miserable, because his heart was not placed outside, and he could not see whether it was good or evil inside. Athena made the house so stupid that she had better put wheels under it. If the neighbor is too critical, he will push it away with one hand Zeus was very angry at that jealous judgment and struck him down Mount Olympus with lightning.  

      Stephenson is a Norwegian. In the early 20th century, he proposed to cross the Arctic Ocean to explore the Arctic without enough food and fuel. At that time, many people thought it was crazy nonsense, and warned him: if you do, you must starve to death on the way. Whether or not he would starve to death? Stephenson himself could not reach a conclusion. However, the determination to uncover the secrets of the Arctic and the unique courage of an expedition scientist prompted him to practice it in person. So, he and two brave companions, with weapons and ammunition to the North Pole. The Arctic Ocean is a magical floating ice world. Some of them are as small as football, some as big as an island; some are only inches thick, some are more than 100 feet thick. These large and small pieces of ice drift around the sea all day long, hitting each other and sometimes making a loud noise.   According to the announcement issued by the court, the 6500 goats were divided into two batches. Among them, the evaluation price of 3300 black goats was 18 yuan / Jin, and the starting price was 18 yuan / Jin, with an increase of 0.3 yuan / Jin. 3 200 Hu sheep, the appraisal price is 16 yuan / Jin, the starting price is 16 yuan / Jin, and the increase range is 0.3 yuan / Jin. All bidders are required to pay a deposit of 100000 yuan. Online auction of live goats has also attracted many netizens' attention. These two batches of sheep also attracted more than 5000 people to watch. On August 9, after 14 rounds of bidding, the user name Yin won with the highest bidding price. The transaction price of black goat was 25.8 yuan / Jin. In addition, Yin bought Hu Yang for 20.5 yuan / Jin.

          The younger man also said, "it was only by accident that I came to the hotel in the middle of the mountain. Besides, I have forgotten what a handkerchief looks like in my life, except for one or two handkerchiefs I used as a child. Ladies and wives in the world, if you want to have a love affair, you can never get out of me After lunch, the child's grandfather came back from the third mother's home after dinner. I asked him, is there enough people in the third mother's house to sit down? The child's grandfather said that the daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and the aunt next door did not eat. One year after Spring Festival, my husband and his second grandfather invited him to his home for dinner. I said that I think people may be polite not to go, because their relationship is normal. My mother-in-law insisted that we should go and go, and also let us bring a bunch of gifts. After noon, there was only one child at home, which could be said to be very embarrassing.

      Philip wanted to say something, but his voice was dry because he was so nervous. He looked at the teacher and began to cry. The teacher felt sorry for him, stroked his head and asked the children who the child was. "This is Philip, koschushka's brother. He wanted to come to school, but his mother wouldn't let him. Today he sneaked into school. " "Koschushka! I'm very good. As soon as he teaches, I understand it all. I'm smart. " The Public Security Bureau of Xifeng County has carried out a thorough investigation of drug addicts, such as "clearing, clearing the storehouse, and clearing the hidden places". The Public Security Bureau of Xifeng County has made sure that the number of registered drug addicts is clear, and the dynamic situation of 1384 drug addicts in the whole county is timely and accurately recorded. Among the 1384 drug addicts, in addition to 130 on the spot for drug treatment, the remaining 1254 drug addicts are currently in the community. According to the measures for risk classification assessment and control of drug users in social areas, the local police station and the drug control office have assessed three risk categories, namely high, medium and low risk, and conducted interviews and home visits to drug addicts according to the prescribed time limit, frequency and personnel Comprehensive query. In the chamber of secrets, the candle flickered, and a burly old man was sitting on a chair with his back to the window. In front of the chair stood the man in grey, with an eagle nose and moustache. Lin Wanshi said in a low voice: "master, Ying Shaowu's body has recovered!" the man in Gray said, "well, Ying Shaowu is our best gift to Xiangye." then, the man in gray gave a thumbs up and said, "I'm afraid the old emperor will control Bintian by the Dragon. The Xiangye wants you to be ready for action." When the burly old man stood up and turned around, Shaowu could not help but arouse his spirit. Isn't this the Ximen carving of the poison king!? Ni Chengzong is going to take advantage of the old emperor's death to take a big action to control the imperial power. Hearing this, Ying Shaowu quietly fell back. Unexpectedly, he stepped on the tile and made a noise. Ximen Diao roared, "who is it?" he stretched out his huge palm like a leaf fan, smashed the window lattice with one palm and jumped out. He gave a sneer and exclaimed, "Ying Shaowu, you are trying to kill yourself!" In August 10th, the nine session of the 189th Standing Committee of the Baiyun District Committee (enlarged) was held to convey the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the forum of non party personages and the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Recently, the spirit of the Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee and the municipal Party committee has comprehensively deepened the spirit of the reform committee, conveying the spirit of the nine plenary session of the Ten Session of the municipal Party committee and arranging the implementation of the work in our district. Song Xusheng, Secretary of Baiyun District Party committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Bu LAN, deputy secretary and governor of the District Committee, Ren Ping, chairman of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, Ruan Xiaoyan, chairman of the CPPCC, Han Xuesong, deputy secretary of the District Committee, and relevant leaders of the Standing Committee of the District Committee, the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of the District, the government and the CPPCC of the district attended the meeting. The meeting pointed out that the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, standing tall, profound thought, rich content, for our scientific planning of “ 14th Five-Year ” development and grasp the work of economic and social development has provided a strong ideological weapon and scientific action guide, all regions and departments at all levels should thoroughly study and understand, conscientiously implement. We should deeply understand the general secretary Xi Jinping's scientific judgement on the current situation, take a higher stand, broader vision and a larger pattern to treat the current &ldquo of Baiyun; ” and “ ” insist on the general keynote of the general work guideline in steady progress, do a solid job in “ six stabilize ” work, implement &ldquo fully; six protect ” task, seize the international and domestic “ double cycle ” New pattern of western development and new opportunities for high-quality development of Guiyang Gui'an should be developed as soon as possible to seize the first opportunity to accelerate the high-quality economic development of Guiyang.  

      A year ago, I thought I had found true love. I was looking forward to getting married and having children with her and growing old together. When I lived together, some of her shortcomings were gradually exposed. The most unbearable thing was that she disliked my work. She thought that dredging the sewer was the dirtiest job. Sometimes I cooked in the kitchen, put my mobile phone on the sofa, and she helped answer the phone. Sometimes she would refuse others. Sometimes she pretended to promise others and then secretly deleted the call records I am often complained by customers. You should know that in order to obtain a customer and satisfy the customer, you must pay a good service; on the contrary, it is very easy to lose a customer who is attracted by his name. In order to avoid such a situation, I always put the mobile phone in my trouser pocket, and she was unreasonable and said that I had something to hide from her. She is unruly and willful. I always choose to tolerate her.       

      At this time, the man in gray rushed to fight with Ying Shaowu. After ten rounds, the man in grey was stabbed in the arm by Ying Shaowu. Suddenly, Lin Wanshi takes out her handkerchief and shakes in the wind. A stream of white smoke covers Ying Shaowu. Ying Shaowu only felt dizzy and fell to the ground with a "Gudong" sound. Ximen Diao asked Lin Wanshi to help the man in grey dress up the wound, and he escorted Ying Shaowu to the capital. Ni Chengzong danced with joy when he saw that Ying Shaowu had been captured. At the dinner party, Ni Chengzong's relatives offered Lin Wanshi a glass of wine. Lin Wanshi finished drinking the wine. However, Ni Chengzong was surprised to find that dozens of strange flowers suddenly appeared on the back of his hand. His body quickly dehydrated and shriveled, and finally fell to the ground with a "Gudong". What's worse, the children were left unattended and more and more disobedient; the long-term workers and maids were also arrogant, disobeying discipline and not doing a good job. Women think it's all because their men are not at home. It's impossible for a family without a head of the family. Women have to bear the burden by themselves. Because the slaves didn't obey the discipline, they quarreled every day and were not peaceful. All in all, the lovely Hilda are eager to serve others with their wisdom and hope to transform the wrong things in the world. The reason why they do this is not for money or other personal interests, but for the happiness of everyone. But as a result of their actions, they caused losses to themselves, just like persuading two people to fight. In the end, they were beaten.  In the first half of the year, active macroeconomic policies played a key role in stabilizing the economy, focusing on the task of "six stabilities" and implementing the "six guarantees". The monetary policy has strengthened counter cyclical regulation to expand the total amount, guarantee the supply, promote growth, reduce interest rates, adjust the structure and protect the main body; the fiscal policy appropriately increases the deficit ratio, moderately increases the government bond issuance, increases tax reduction and fee reduction, and establishes a special transfer payment mechanism, which ensures that the new fiscal funds take the "through train". In addition to the actual effects, these policies have also sent a clear and positive signal to all sectors of the society and the market. They have injected great confidence in fighting the epidemic situation, returning to production and returning to work, and economic stability for the local governments, poor areas and enterprises with difficulties in operation, especially small and micro enterprises.