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      Since 2020, despite the shadow of the epidemic, instant noodles have become popular again and become a staple food for many people. How did the round puffa become a large flat "Puffa sheet"? The villagers of Beiyuan village told us that "Pu Gua sheet" looks simple, but is actually very particular about it. Bougua must be thoroughly dried in one day, generally at 2 am to get up and get busy, first clean the bougua, then cut the bougua into thin slices, each slice thickness is not more than 1 mm, each slice should have half of the area folded on another, and then spread them on the bamboo curtain. After that, it will be sent to the air drying field, drying to the evening, and then a piece of molding "Pugua sheet" gently lifted up, at this time "Pugua sheet" almost formed. Villagers said, more than 30 kilograms of fresh puffa to sun out 1 kilogram "puffa sheet," per kilogram can be sold at more than 100 yuan, Fried bacon, chicken soup, put a little, delicious. In comparison, fresh puffa just picked only a week or so storage time, the sun into the "puffa sheet" after long-term storage in the refrigerator, eating up a different flavor.     

       On August 7th, in Shatan Village, Longyuan Street, Longquan City, the newly built waste recycling cooperative treatment plant -- vein industry project officially entered the 24-hour operation stage. Veins are named because they turn waste into a renewable resource, turning waste into treasure and recycling, much like sending blood containing more carbon dioxide back to the heart's veins. In March 2018, Longquan introduced PPP mode and launched a vein industry project with a total investment of 217 million yuan. After the project started, it was put into operation in only 20 months. Since it was put into commercial operation at the end of June, this lishui's only one-stop garbage incineration power plant has adopted three waste treatment lines, which can "eat" more than 300 tons of garbage every day. Due to "lack of food", the factory is now digging up and burning 20 years of waste from nearby landfills to meet production needs.   "Rice farming is now mechanized, so the work is easier than it used to be." Relying on heavy machinery, Mr. Zhang, 58 years old, has a 352-mu paddy field at His Beidahuang Farmland Reclamation Group Co. 's Qixing farm. He expects to produce 200 tons of rice this year.

          A total of 4,707 confirmed cases have been reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. There were 4,181 cases in Hong Kong special Administrative Region (3,052 discharge cases, 58 deaths), 46 cases in Macao Special Administrative Region (46 discharge cases) and 480 cases in Taiwan (443 discharge cases, 7 death cases).  

      Dacheng people did not retreat because of the typhoon and other uncertain factors, but to meet the "wind" but up, brave risks, dare to increase technical investment, constantly innovative breeding methods, the first introduction of large wind-resistant deep-water cage culture technology, and then the first copper Seine culture technology in the country, and has withstood the test of many typhoons. "Copper Seine farming is not only more resistant to wind and waves, but also resistant to corrosion and bacteria, which can effectively improve the survival rate of large yellow croaker." Chen Zhaode, director of the Star wave Cooperative, was the first person to use copper Seine to breed large yellow croaker. He says, copper Seine small is 3 4000 square metre, big is more than 20 thousand square metre, can provide bigger mobile space to big yellow croaker. At ordinary times, a variety of small Marine fish constantly into the Seine, as a natural bait for large yellow croaker, allowing farms closer to the living environment of wild large yellow croaker.    

          Why did "three links and one reach" choose to cluster back at this time? In addition to the hard to give up the motherland, what is driving them home pace? From the "hometown of express delivery people" 10 years ago to the "hometown of express delivery industry" now, how is the progress of tonglu's new goal? Looking back over the past 20 years, for the tonglu people, they have been walking a road of "going out". From the earliest Zhongshan Township to nearby Fenshui town and Hengcun Town, more and more Tonglu people are engaged in the express delivery industry. Thanks to the rapid rise of the Internet and e-commerce industry, they have gradually gained a firm foothold in the national express delivery market as well as their own positions in the international market. Night shift doctors in ICU not only have to take good care of dozens of patients in their own department, but also need to participate in the rescue of hospitalized patients in critical condition.

      In 2013, the state provided special funds for the treatment of geological disasters and included subsidence areas in the renovation plan of shantytowns. Fushun city formulated an overall relocation plan for people living in dilapidated houses in coal mining subsidence areas. In March 2017, Chen yufang's family said goodbye to their 37-year-old house and moved in with more than 5,000 residents of the sunken area, a 2.4-billion-yuan residential area invested by the government. Chen was given a 94-square-meter apartment with two bedrooms and two living rooms. On September 28, 2018, Chen Yufang will never forget the day when President Xi Jinping came to his home to chat with his family while visiting Fushun. During his visit, the general Secretary pointed out that "in the process of the development and transformation of resource-exhausted cities, the people's livelihood and the livelihood of the people in need should be ensured first, so that the people's life will be better and better." In accordance with the important instructions of the General Secretary, Donghuayuan community has expanded the medical and health service station, realized remote consultation with major hospitals in the city, and introduced the smart home-based old-age care project. The community is planning to give every person over 60 a smart bracelet. With the bracelet, the elderly can be cared for at home without leaving the community. When the elderly are too lazy to cook, they can get a delicious meal for a few yuan by scanning the code by hand in the community canteen.    Hangzhou city to the southwest Benz 70 kilometers, is "China's private Courier township" Tonglu. Since ancient times, it has been a place where land and water transport converge. It is said in the Rites of Zhou that "where there is a road to the wild, there is a house within ten miles". The "lu" here refers to the ancient post office. On June 24th, "Yto National Engineering Laboratory Innovation research and Development Base" was officially signed and settled in Future City. Prior to this, on April 2, zto Express second headquarters project officially signed; On February 26, Tonglu, which is in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, signed a contract with The Project of Shentong International Headquarters and Yunda Global Science and Innovation Center through video. In fact, on May 6 this year, the four giants of the express delivery industry have launched substantive cooperation with Tonglu. On the same day, the first centralized procurement and trading center for express logistics equipment and materials in China was officially put into operation in Tonglu, with "three links and one reach" and SF promising 11.5 billion yuan of turnover on the spot.

      Kechuang power board is Shanghai and zhejiang province equity trading center launched the construction of zhejiang kechuang board listed companies to foster plate, positioning for zhejiang kechuang board plans to library in the cultivation of listed companies, to regulate cultivation, value discovery, comprehensive service as the core, aiming at improving the quality of listed companies, focusing on equity financing and listed to foster, is a type of the kechuang board listed company to disclose, preliminary specification, estimate the service platform. The main service objects of science and technology innovation board are enterprises of science and technology innovation in Zhejiang province that possess key core technologies and mainly rely on core technologies to carry out production and operation. They have strong growth potential and meet certain financial valuation indicators (0.5 or above of the listing standard of science and technology innovation board). Huali Technology Co., LTD., Zhejiang Dekang Medical equipment Co., LTD., and other 19 enterprises became the first batch of science and innovation power board listed enterprises.  The postponement of elections for the Legislative Council is in line with international practice. It's been a year of elections around the world, but at least 60 countries and regions have postponed their plans because of the outbreak. The opposition in Hong Kong has politicized the fight against the epidemic and stigmatized the normal postponement of the legislative Council election because of the epidemic, putting political expediency above life and safety. Some countries and politicians also took the opportunity to stir up the flames by encouraging Hong Kong to "hold the election on schedule" while postponing the election in their own countries. The "double standard" is clearly exposed. What is their intention? Life is the highest priority. The rebound of the epidemic will have a serious impact on the economy and people's livelihood. Prevention and fight against the epidemic is the prerequisite for Hong Kong's prosperity and development. The Hong Kong people should be fully aware of the dangers of the epidemic, put aside their differences and unite as one. Under the leadership of the SAR government, we should work together to win the battle against the epidemic at an early date, create favorable conditions for the recovery of the economy and improvement of people's livelihood, and bring Hong Kong society back to the right track at an early date. & other; On that day, the General Secretary inspected the village and inquired about the reconstruction of old houses and the treatment of the village environment. The General Secretary praised that such rural areas are no worse than cities. Throughout the &; "Said Liu Lianyun, party secretary of Tantou village. In recent years, Tantou village has completed the centralized renovation of more than 700 households, the renovation of 26 access roads 13.6 km, and the use of new rural construction funds to build a leisure square. & other; There used to be an old saying in Tantou Village, ‘ Zi Mountain tan head, hard-working both ends; Fine three days, carry shoulders; When it rains for three days, water goes into the kitchen. . Now, cement roads, tap water, small buildings, good days to look forward to, there is a rush! Throughout the &; Xiao Guihua said. 

      This year, all parts of the country will vigorously promote online cultivation, socialized services, intelligent equipment and green technology, effectively respond to the epidemic, give full play to the role of agricultural machinery as a major force in agricultural production, and the operation level of agricultural machinery has reached a record high. Statistics show that during spring plowing and sowing, more than 22 million sets of agricultural machinery and tools were put into production, more than 70,000 agricultural machinery cooperatives cultivated nearby crops instead of planting, and more than 200,000 agricultural service organizations provided production management services. "Zhejiang has a developed economy and the e-commerce industry chain is relatively more complete and concentrated. This return to Zhejiang and Tonglu is an important opportunity for us to practice the 'two in, one out' plan." "Opportunities are fleeting and must be seized firmly," says Lai Meisong, founder of Zto express. As early as 2010, tonglu County Party Committee and county government formulated development strategies, requiring the full implementation of the "express home" project. Zhou Haijing, commandant of Tonglu County express, has her own understanding of why the "great fruits" have been achieved only this year: "Before, we did not have the platform and resources to eat this cake. At the same time, "Three links and one Reach" in those years is in the rapid development period of expanding its territory, not listed into the ranks of capital, for them, the time to layout the whole industrial chain, create the express ecosystem is not yet."  As of 24:00 on August 11, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have reported 761 confirmed cases (including 40 severe cases), 79,342 cured and discharged cases, 4,634 deaths, 84,737 confirmed cases and 3 suspected cases. A total of 802,908 close contacts have been traced, and 23,039 close contacts are still under medical observation. Thirty-one provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 20 new cases of asymptomatic infected persons (12 imported from overseas). Two confirmed cases were confirmed on the same day (both imported from overseas); 15 cases were released from medical observation on the same day (6 cases were imported from abroad); 288 asymptomatic infected persons (141 imported from abroad) have been observed. Provide important information support for the formulation of the 14th five-year Plan. Through population census, we can find out the population quantity, structure and distribution in China, accurately grasp the trend characteristics of population change, and provide scientific and accurate population information support for scientifically formulating the national economic and social development plan during the 14th five-year Plan period. To provide important information support for promoting high-quality development. At present, China's economy is in a critical period of transforming the development pattern, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the driving force of growth. Only by finding out the basic national conditions such as total population, structure and distribution in a timely manner, and understanding the structure of human resources, can we more accurately grasp the demand structure, urban and rural structure, regional structure and industrial structure, and provide strong support for promoting high-quality economic development and building a modern economic system.


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